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Event and visitor management on a large scale

InVentry is the market leading safeguarding visitor management system across the UK. Our system can help streamline your venue by providing you with a modern reception area, removing outdated paper-based sign in processes whilst also helping you manage your visitors in a way you’ve never done before. Built to provide your reception area with a new look and feel, the InVentry system leaves a lasting impression on visitors and event attendees.

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Managing large event crowds like never before

Large venues attract large crowds, so managing the people who come on-site is essential. With InVentry, you can track and control who is on-site at any time. With the ability to pre-book visitors, it makes the sign in process at events much quicker and easier. When pre-booking visitors you can also send an invitation to attendees, which provides them with a QR code, that they can quickly scan on your InVentry system to sign in; making the event sign in process even quicker.

With our Club Reg feature, you can also remotely register your attendees once they’re in the meeting room waiting for the event to start. The ability to seamlessly take a register to make sure people who have attended are in the right place makes it an even easier process. The need for congregations of people in the reception area is no more!

How InVentry Helps Venues

When patient’s family members or bank staff visit the hospital, their experience should  be smooth and quick.

The ability to pre-book attendees and send them invitations makes your process quicker and easier
Have an instant record of who is on site at any time
Create customisable skins so your InVentry system goes hand in hand with the look and feel of your centre
When a visitor or attendee arrives on site, get an instant notification to your smart phone
Create custom messages and personalised invitations to send out to event attendees

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