Delivering practical and effective visitor management solutions for secondary school staff, student and visitors

Secondary schools are busy establishments, many with thousands of students, staff members and visitors on the premises at any one time – that’s why our secondary school software solutions have been created around efficiency, practicality and simplicity to provide you with a faultless experience every time.

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How InVentry makes secondary schools safer

Knowing who is on-site at any given time is important for any Secondary School. The safety of staff and pupils always comes first. Know when pupils are late or leaving early with a full read-and-write-back integration with your MIS. Data can be stored on-premise and via the InVentry cloud, so you have access, anywhere, any time.

The InVentry visitor management for schools system is designed with both GDPR and safeguarding in mind. Our electronic visitor sign-in system for schools software, applications and equipment has been developed to be the most reliable of their kind. Take a look at our Secondary School brochure to see how InVentry can help!

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The number one fully integrated safeguarding solution for secondary schools

InVentry’s secondary school software gives secondary schools another sense of security. By knowing who is on-site at any given time, you can ensure that students and staff are safe and accounted for. With many solutions for sign-in, InVentry’s visitor management system for schools provides Secondary Schools with a fully comprehensive solution for Fire Evacuations, Pupil Management and much more.

InVentry Sign In Soltuions

Multi Academy Trusts

Whether your secondary school is part of a trust or partnered with a sixth form, InVentry’s visitor management system for schools gives you the ability to manage access through one easy-to-use solution.

Student Mode

InVentry’s secondary school software offers a full integration, meaning you can automatically add class lists from your MIS ensuring time-consuming manual updates are not required.

RFID Cards

Provide staff with easily identifiable ID badges to sign in through the InVentry visitor management for schools system. Students can easily recognise staff members and sign-in can be much quicker!

Health Features

Ensure all staff members, visitors and contractors are health enough to enter your secondary school. Ensure they are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19 as well as managing your capacity levels through InVentry.

DBS & Safeguarding

InVentry’s secondary school software acts as a single central record for all DBS checks. By using InVentry’s visitor management system for schools, you can ensure the safeguarding of all your students and comply with Ofsted requirements.

MIS Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your Management Information System to ensure any late arriving or early leaving pupils are recorded directly back to your MIS so nothing is missed!

Events Module

Pre-book visitors for events such as parents’ evenings or governor meetings with our customisable email invitations.

Anywhere App

Control school trips and residentials all through your smart device with our Anywhere App. You can also trigger fire evacuations and see who is on-site, all at the palm of your hand!

Simple, secure tracking for assets and documents

Audit & Compliance is our answer to asset management. InVentry’s high school asset tracking solution is a comprehensive digital system designed to help schools efficiently track, monitor, and manage their physical assets, such as textbooks, digital whiteboards, laboratory equipment and other physical assets found within a high school. Complete school audits throughout all of your secondary school and keep up to date on where your laptops and iPads are kept. Audit & Compliance also gives you the ability to store important documents such as warranties and certifications all in a cloud-based solution – goodbye ringbinders!

With InVentry’s high school asset tracking solution, you can view the location, levels and allocation of all your school’s equipment in real time!

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Store all important documents for your secondary school within Audit & Compliance. From certificates right the way through to warranty details for the boiler!


Keep on top of your school’s budget by managing when assets need replacing with our automatic renewal identification! When you upload an asset into the secondary school software, Audit & Compliance populates when it will be expected to be replaced.

Simple Audits

Scan the barcode on the door of the room you’re wanting to audit and see all the assets associated with that room – a full school audit has never been easier


Create your own widgets within Audit & Compliance. Each secondary school is different, so they want to see different reports – it is completely tailored to you!


Easily see which assets are still within warranty. When uploading a new asset, simply scan your serial barcode and Audit & Compliance will generate dates as to when you need to replace the asset and when warranties end!

Report a Problem

Configuration not working on a smartboard? Student broken a chair leg? Simply scan the barcode associated with your broken asset to report a problem to who deals with it in your school!

The Comprehensive Digital Registration System for Your School

ClassMark and ClubReg are InVentry’s solution to classroom registration. Secondary schools need top of the range registration processes, which is why we came up with two ways to combat in-class registration and after school club registration!

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Give your secondary students a new sense of independence by allowing them to sign themselves in on the interactive secondary school software whiteboard.

The ClassMark system is a fantastic asset for teachers and administration staff alike. Back office workers no longer have to process paper registers, saving them time and providing superior organisation. What’s more, the easy-to-use system allows your teaching staff to access school registers on any device — they’ll never be without the key information they require to ensure all students are present and correct.


Ensuring the safeguarding of pupils does not just extend to during normal school hours. Protecting pupils during breakfast or after school clubs is just as important.

While schools often look to improve security and functionality of their regular sign-in and registration systems, all too often breakfast and after-school clubs are overlooked.

With ClubReg, outdated paper registration systems can now be a thing of the past. ClubReg provides staff leading extra curricular activities with a digital registration system that links with the rest of the school.

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InVentry Integrates with Paxton

Paxton and InVentry give secondary school staff peace of mind. With most secondary schools having various entrance points, you can sign in with your ID badge and open doors quickly and easily at multiple points. Want to only allow access to certain people at a particular point in the school? Easy! InVentry’s secondary school software allows you to grant permissions to the relevant staff members all at the click of a button!


Populate your Paxton system and users directly through InVentry’s electronic visitor sign-in system for schools.


Assign temporary door access cards to visitors or those who are pre-booked on InVentry.


Automatically disable Paxton access when a user is disabled or removed from InVentry or your MIS.


Remove the burden of Paxton management on administrative staff­.


Assign different door access rights through your InVentry visitor management for schools system.


Trigger door releases via an InVentry card reader with a single swipe.

What is visitor management?

Visitor management is any process that helps a school or organisation track those who visit their premises. For many schools or organisations, the simple sign in book is outdated and no longer sufficient. Many now have higher security requirements such as ID badges, DBS checks and many more.

Is InVentry GDPR compliant?

Not only is InVentry GDPR compliant, it also helps schools improve their GDPR compliance. We have a full GDPR policy available, as well as the information regarding how InVentry controls the data you input.

How much does InVentry cost?

The price of InVentry differs from site to site. As every school site or organisation is different and requires many different features, it is hard to pinpoint one price. If you would like a site-specific quote, please book a demo with an Account Manager who will be able to understand your needs and get your the correct pricing.

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How we helped Ossett Academy

Ossett Academy needed a state-of-the-art solution to deal with their visitor and pupil management. Ossett Academy is a High School and Sixth Form College based in West Yorkshire, part of the Accord Multi Academy Trust. The educational charity was established in 2016 and is made up of four academics who were the founding members for the trust. When they needed a solution to help their secondary school with sign in procedures, they knew to come to InVentry. 

The Challenge

Steve Thompson, Director of ICT for Accord Multi Academy Trust, wanted a consistent and stable signing in system for staff, students and visitors for all their academies. With 4 academies across the trust, ranging from Primary Schools to Sixth Forms, a system that could connect the 4 sites was essential. The main priorities for the Ossett Academy, in particular, were to be able to sign in staff, students and visitors, organise fire evacuations and be able to report attendance – luckily, InVentry could do it all.

The Solution

InVentry solved many problems for Osset Academy through its ability to store information securely. The system also enabled them to become fully GDPR compliant through the storage of data in one central location. Quickscan Touch units were also installed as part of their purchase, which allowed staff to sign in at any entrance point – regardless of where the InVentry screen is based. This has been a great asset for Ossett Academy as it means that staff who tend to roam around the Trust can sign in and get straight on with their job.

Read the full case study here.

What Our Customers Say…

“We love the ability to pre-book visitors and email them an invitation – this has improved visitor flow at our main reception with most visitors commenting on how professional the service is. The badges are produced to a high quality with a clear photo, meeting our safeguarding policy.”

Denise Tarpey. Congleton High School

“The InVentry system has been an important step forward in our work to safeguard our students. Every visitor having photo ID within seconds of arrival is an important and excellent improvement in regard to what our previous system offered.”

Kevin Higgins. St John Fisher High School

“The InVentry visitor system has been an excellent purchase for our school reception. The first thing visitors see is the digitised log in system allowing them to sign themselves in even if the receptionist is busy on another call.”

Pete Monfort. Westborough High School