Safeguard Your Pupils
and Staff with a Primary School Visitor Management System

With limited resources and staff, primary schools need solutions that are going to work first time, every time. Our years of experience working with primary schools has enabled us to create a hybrid school visitor management system that provides an efficient running of your day to day activities, without compromising on security or quality.

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How InVentry makes primary schools safer

Ensuring the safeguarding of pupils is the most important thing for any primary school. With InVentry’s primary school management system, you can have peace of mind by knowing who is on-site at any given time. With many features such as fire evacuation roll call, health features and visitor management – InVentry has you covered.

Our Anywhere App also gives you the power of InVentry at the palm of your hands, control fire evacuations, school trips and pupil dietary requirements all from your smart device.

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The number one fully integrated safeguarding solution for primary schools

Trusted by more than 10,000 schools. Designed for education, our fully-equipped integrated inventry sign-in solutions for schools allows you to accurately monitor who is in your primary school at any time. InVentry’s primary school management system speeds up the sign-in process, keeps identity information secure, and leaves your staff feeling confident that students are safe and accounted for.

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Multi Academy Trusts

Whether your school is part of a trust or a multi-site nursery & primary school, InVentry’s school visitor management system gives you the flexibility to manage site access through one comprehensive solution.

RIFD Cards

Give staff and personnel their very own ID card and allow contactless entry to across your primary school.

Pupil Mode

InVentry offers a full integration meaning you can add class lists from your MIS, ensuring time-consuming manual updates are not required.

Events Module

Have the ability to pre-book visitors into school events such as Parent’s Evening or meetings. customisable email invitations can be created in the invitation builder.

MIS Integration

InVentry is in close partnership, and directly integrates with your schools Management Information System (MIS), allowing late attendances and early leavers to be added to your MIS in one click.


Know who is on-site at any given time to keep an up-to-date accurate evacuation record. Control evacuations all through InVentry’s Anywhere App, removing the need for outdated paper-based registers.

Health Features

Ensure each person coming into your primary school is healthy enough to do so. With our primary school management system Health Features, you can manage capacity, symptoms of COVID-19 and internally test and trace at your school.

Anywhere App

Have the power of InVentry in the palm of your hand with our Anywhere App. Organise field trips and residentials with peace of mind that pupil information is securely stored in the Anywhere App.

Simple, secure tracking for assets and deadlines

InVentry’s primary school asset management software is a comprehensive solution designed to help primary schools efficiently track, monitor, and manage their physical assets, such as textbooks, tablets, educational games and other assets found within a primary school. See when your warranties expire and your licenses need renewing, making missing updates a thing of the past. Add as many users and locations as you want; with our easy-to-use app, anyone with a smart device can carry out Audit & Compliance checks. You can also use it to add new assets, report damaged equipment, and carry out health and safety compliance checks.

With InVentry’s primary school asset management solution, you can view the location, levels and allocation of all your school’s equipment in real time!

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Store all important documents within Audit & Compliance. From certificates right the way through to warranty details, the need for outdated ring binders is removed with our cloud-based option!


Allow Audit & Compliance to be your first port of call when it comes to budgeting. Easily see which assets will need updating, replacing or fixing giving you the ability to add to your budget plan!

Simple Audits

Scan the barcode on the door of the room you’re wanting to audit and see all the assets associated with that room. Simply scan the barcode or tap the asset on your app to complete your audit!


Create your own views with our widgets! Want to see which laptops will need replacing in the upcoming year? Simply create your own view and store it as a widget!


Easily see which assets are still within warranty. When uploading a new asset, simply scan your serial barcode and Audit & Compliance will generate dates as to when you need to replace the asset and when warranties end!

Report a Problem

Got a smartboard or computer not working? Simply scan the barcode, click report a problem and you can send an email straight to the person who can resolve the issue for you within your primary school! Quick, easy and simple!

The Comprehensive Digital Registration System for Your School

ClassMark and ClubReg provide safe and secure digital registration for classrooms or breakfast and after-school clubs on any device for Primary Schools. With our classroom registration solutions, outdated paper registration systems are a thing of the past.

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ClassMark is an easy-to-use system that allows your teaching staff to access school registers on any device – they’ll never be without the key information they require to ensure all students are present and correct.


With ClubReg, outdated paper registers can now be a thing of the past! ClubReg provides staff leading extra curricular activities with a digital registration system that links the rest of the school.

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InVentry Integrates with Paxton

InVentry’s school visitor management system and Paxton provide Primary Schools with another sense of security. With a top-of-the-range door access control system, Primary Schools can populate users directly through their MIS and are only required to enter information once for it to be automatically added to both InVentry and Paxton. Not only does it offer another safeguarding measure, but simplifies the process for administrative staff when inputting new users and reduces workload when removing them.


Populate your Paxton system and users directly through InVentry’s school visitor management system.


Assign temporary door access cards to visitors or those who are pre-booked on InVentry.


Automatically disable Paxton access when a user is disabled or removed from InVentry or your MIS.


Remove the burden of Paxton management on administrative staff­.


Assign different door access rights through your InVentry primary school management system.


Trigger door releases via an InVentry card reader with a single swipe.

What is visitor management?

Visitor management is any process that helps a school or organisation track those who visit their premises. For many schools or organisations, the simple sign in book is outdated and no longer sufficient. Many now have higher security requirements such as ID badges, DBS checks and many more.

Is InVentry GDPR compliant?

Not only is InVentry GDPR compliant, it also helps schools improve their GDPR compliance. We have a full GDPR policy available, as well as the information regarding how InVentry controls the data you input.

How much does InVentry cost?

The price of InVentry differs from site to site. As every school site or organisation is different and requires many different features, it is hard to pinpoint one price. If you would like a site-specific quote, please book a demo with an Account Manager who will be able to understand your needs and get your the correct pricing.

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How we helped Cams Lane Primary School

Cams Lane Primary School were struggling to provide a consistent and accurate signing in experience for both staff and visitors. The existing paper based system was leading to missed and incorrect information being provided, and meant that managing the signing in process was becoming increasingly difficult.

The Challenge

Katherine Ashworth, the Business Manager at Cams Lane Primary School said:“We had rafts of pens and papers everywhere and multiple daily occurrences of staff forgetting to sign in or out – it was an administrative nightmare!”

It was on the recommendation of another school that Katherine chose InVentry for Cams Lane Primary School. She said: The system was exactly what I wanted to get rid of the excessive paperwork that was cluttering the entrance.”

The Solution

“It’s so quick!” said Katherine, “In just a few touches staff and visitors are signed in and out. It’s also extremely convenient and means a lot less work for our office staff so they can focus on more important tasks.”

It’s been a big hit with visitors too, as Katherine explained: “There was some teething problems with visitors who had never experienced a system like this before, but now there are no problems and they absolutely love how it remembers their details when they return to our school.”

“InVentry has streamlined our signing in process greatly. I have not yet had a member of staff forget to sign in, so it enhances the health and safety in the school as we can see at a glance who is in and out of school.”

What Our Customers Say…

“With new GDPR guidelines introduced, we realised that we needed a more secure signing in system. InVentry was just that system! It allows visitors and staff to sign in and out quickly and easily. InVentry – Easy to use, easy to set up and easy to manage.”

Angela Walker
Holland Park Primary School

“InVentry has improved the school visitor management system, and also provides accurate details of adults in school for fire emergency. It’s easy to use and manage. Their support team is helpful and resolve problems very quickly, making our lives easy at the office.”

Klare Ng
Immanuel & St Andrew CE Primary School

“So far, InVentry has been an incredible success in our school. The InVentry team ensured that the installation went smoothly and were always very helpful and approachable. The system ensures a thorough approach towards the health & safety and safeguarding of our children.”

Andy Jones
Dosthill Primary School