ClassMark Overview

Simplify your classroom registration with InVentry’s ClassMark Cloud. The revolutionary technology has been developed so it links straight to your MIS system, allowing your organisation to take a register in as little as 3 clicks!

The ClassMark system is a fantastic asset for teachers and administration staff alike. Back office workers no longer have to process paper registers, saving them time and providing superior organisation. What’s more, the easy-to-use system allows your teaching staff to access school registers on any device — they’ll never be without the key information they require to ensure all students are present and correct.


School Register FAQ’s

Registers are an important record for every school to keep. A school register is a list of information used to maintain a record of presence, absence or leave for each student by a teacher.

Properly keeping a school register helps organise record keeping and makes passing on information more efficient. A register can be used to check over historical data, accurately at any time. It also provides the ability to create accurate reporting to parents and government.

Historically, school and class registers have been managed using paper and pen. A school register system makes this process digital and enables teachers and staff to input data directly into any device. This information is then automatically stored for later use without the need to file large amounts of paper registers away. This has a number of benefits, firstly it makes the whole classroom registration process more efficient and secondly it gives schools the power to more easily look back over data and easily gain insights.

ClassMark Features

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