Improving security with visitor management

Security within any business is always a high priority, especially Data Centres. InVentry gives you the ability to control who comes on-site and track why they are there 24 hours a day. Whether it is a visitor coming on-site to see a staff member or a contractor coming to do some work on site, you need to know who they are and what access they require.

With InVentry, you can ask your visitors custom questions to see why they are needed on-site, making it easier to track who’s come on-site and for what reason. You can also pre-approve contractors, which ensures their sign in process is quick and smooth, as well as removing the need for paper-based forms to be filled out.

Data Centres

Maximum security across all features

The InVentry system is a stand alone set up. This means that, it doesn’t always need to be connected to your company’s network creating a maximum level of security and peace of mind for your business. If you have visitors and contractors coming on-site after working hours, you can utilise InVentry’s 24-hour mode for nightshifts, creating more security of being able to track those on site after hours.

Contractors can also be pre-approved, pre-booked and sent an agreement screen upon sign in. Simply pre-book the contractor through your InVentry console, which then sends them an invitation and forms to be filled out before the day they arrive. Upon arrival, they simply scan their invitation and an agreement screen will appear for them to read and say they have understood, making security the highest priority.


Improve GDPR compliance by ensuring any visitor or contractor information is stored securely within InVentry.


Allow staff to sign in with a personalised ID badge. Use alongside our QuickScan Touch to capture reasons for signing out.


InVentry is stand-alone so doesn’t always need to be connected to your company’s network allowing for optimum security of your data.


Give visitors an easily identifiable ID badge when signing in; allowing you to clearly identify them around site.

Allow staff members the ability to book themselves into the office up to 14 days in advance when split between remote and office working.


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Send staff and pre-booked visitors Health Declarations to confirm they are feeling well enough to be onsite.

Let visitors notify their host when they arrive and give the host the ability to allow them onsite when safe.

Receive notifications when capacity levels have been met, breached and back to acceptable levels.

Ability to Test and Trace

Have the ability to Test and Trace by knowing who is on site at any given time with InVentry.

How InVentry helps Data Centres

Security is the highest priority, track who is on site at any one time without other visitors seeing this information
Standalone system which doesn’t need to be connected to your company’s network, ensuring optimum security
Keep a modern feel throughout your reception area with InVentry’s slick and stylish exterior
Create customisable skins so your InVentry system goes hand in hand with the look and feel of your centre
When a visitor or attendee arrives on site, get an instant notification to your smart phone to inform you of their arrival

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