The Ultimate Multi-Site Tracking Tool

Whether it’s multi-academy trusts (MATS) or organisations within the health or manufacturing sectors, many businesses now operate across different sites. With so many staff members and contractors in and out across multiple sites, it can be hard to keep track and know exactly where they are based. Staff and contractors may need to move between several sites on a daily basis to do their jobs.

InVentry Central is the perfect multi-site sign in and visitor management software for businesses or MATS, as it gives users the ultimate flexibility. It supports both organisations that want to retain their data locally, and those who want communication between systems that are on separate physical networks, facilitating the sharing of data resources between multiple systems in real-time.

Multi-Site Features

InVentry Central is packed full of smart ideas and tools
to help you better track your staff.

Staff, visitors, and contractors can roam between sites by flowing information between individual site systems.
Staff are automatically signed out from an individual system when they sign into a new one at a different location.
Share DBS or personnel central records across sites, so contractors can be approved at a company wide level for all sites.
Customise the sign-in process with induction info, health and safety, T&C’s and evacuation details.
Customise each individual system with different configurations, modules and integrations.
View sign in / out information from a company wide perspective for both staff and contractors.

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