The Ultimate Multi-Site Login and Tracking Tool

Whether it’s multi-academy trusts (MATS) or large organisations, many businesses now operate across different sites. With so many staff members and contractors travelling across these sites, it can be hard to keep track of who’s on which site and when. With our multisite login system, InVentry Central, developed with the ultimate flexibility in mind, you can easily keep track of your employees, log their timekeeping across multiple sites and ensure your organisation upholds outstanding safeguarding procedures!

InVentry Central is the perfect multi-site sign in and visitor management software for businesses or MATS, read our blog here for Central’s most impressive features and our tops tips on utilising the software.

Multi-Site Systems Software Features

InVentry’s multisite systems software, InVentry Central, is packed full of smart ideas and tools to help you better track your staff and contractors.

Staff, visitors, and contractors can easily roam between multiple sites by flowing personnel records between sites.
Differentiate between the sites using colour coded lanyards and ID badges for easy identification.
DBS or personnel central records are shared across sites, so contractors can be approved at a company-wide level for all sites.
Customise each individual site’s sign-in process with induction info, health and safety, T&C’s and evacuation details.
Customise each individual multisite login system with different configurations, modules and integrations.
Track sign-in and out information, from a company-wide perspective for both staff and contractors.

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