Cams Lane Primary School – Case Study

Cams Lane Primary School were struggling to provide a consistent and accurate signing in experience for both staff and visitors. The existing paper based system was leading to missed and incorrect information being provided, and meant that managing the signing in process was becoming increasingly difficult.

Katherine Ashworth, the Business Manager at Cams Lane Primary School said:“We had rafts of pens and papers everywhere and multiple daily occurrences of staff forgetting to sign in or out – it was an administrative nightmare!”

It was on the recommendation of another school that Katherine chose InVentry for Cams Lane Primary School. She said: The system was exactly what I wanted to get rid of the excessive paperwork that was cluttering the entrance.”

They’ve now had InVentry in the school for 5 months and are using it to sign in visitors and staff.

“It’s so quick!” said Katherine, “In just a few touches staff and visitors are signed in and out. It’s also extremely convenient and means a lot less work for our office staff so they can focus on more important tasks.”

It’s been a big hit with visitors too, as Katherine explained: “There was some teething problems with visitors who had never experienced a system like this before, but now there are no problems and they absolutely love how it remembers their details when they return to our school.”

“InVentry has streamlined our signing in process greatly. I have not yet had a member of staff forget to sign in, so it enhances the health and safety in the school as we can see at a glance who is in and out of school.”