Built in 1984, The Grand Theatre Blackpool offers a variety of amazing shows and entertainment productions including its famous annual pantomime. Along with providing guided tours which offer the inside story of Blackpool’s Grand theatre, taking their visitors on a fascinating journey through its unique history, incredible architecture and impressive performances and cast, their site has many visitors coming and going on a daily basis.

Blackpool Grand Theatre Custom Skin


The Grand Theatre Blackpool was looking to improve their staff and visitor sign in experience whilst ensuring that they had a modern and effective system that worked well for visitors, staff, contractors and visiting companies. As they have many groups of visitors coming in at one time, it was also imperative that they could easily track who was coming and going from their theatre and determine from which entrance.


InVentry provided Blackpool’s Grand Theatre with a professional and secure sign in system which allows them to track who’s in the building at any given time while also allowing group visitors to sign in quickly and efficiently via our group tracking feature.

For additional security, their staff members are now able to gain entry to the building using our door access control fobs while having the ability to easily sign in via various Quickscan touch units using their RFID staff ID cards.

When speaking with Shaun Gorringe, Operations Manager, regarding the solution, he commented: “we have several entrances to our building that staff, and visitors can use. We found that people would enter through one door, leave through another and we wouldn’t know that they had left. With InVentry we’re now able to easily track them through the building and ensure that our record keeping is up to date.

With the InVentry Anywhere App, they now have peace of mind that their fire evacuation list is up to date and easily accessible in case of an emergency; without the need for dangerous paper-based checklists.

Before the InVentry installation, The Grand Theatre Blackpool would have to manually sign in groups of visitors through a paper-based process which caused a frustrating and untidy reception area. Their InVentry solution means they’ve now reduced their paperwork and the risk of human error, all while upholding a professional entrance hall, with Shaun commenting “We find it very useful pre-loading groups of visitors and having them all sign in quickly. We do a lot of work with children and young people and were particularly impressed with the way that InVentry allows us to track all groups entering the building and record the DBS and Chaperone Licenses.”

And with their own custom skin displayed on their InVentry screen, the professional touch is something their end users really appreciate.

Blackpool Grand Theatre with a case study testimonial
Shaun Gorringe, Operations Manager commented:
“Visitors admire having their details ready to welcome them when they arrive, it’s extremely organised, accessible and above all, professional.”
“InVentry has revolutionized the way we run our Stage Door operations and helped us to be more professional to our guests, staff and visitors. I would highly recommend this system to anyone who may be considering it.”

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