Visitor Sign-in Kiosks

Manually welcoming and overseeing visitor sign-in processes can be time-consuming and risks data being entered incorrectly. As visitor management is imperative for all businesses – from health and safety to GDPR compliance – up-to-date information is essential for your business to operate smoothly. With InVentry’s customisable sign-in kiosks, you can ensure that data is entered correctly by inviting visitors and contractors to log themselves into your business.


Just like the 10,000 organisations currently using InVentry, we know you’ll love the system as much as we do! We’re extremely passionate about the technology we create, and we want this to reflect in the software we provide you, but we understand that you may have a change of heart. Which is why we’re proud to introduce our new 30-day money-back guarantee*.

Our confidence in the InVentry sign-in system, along with our commitment to our customers, means that if our system doesn’t meet your expectations, you could be eligible for a full refund. Check out our T&Cs to see our promise, if you qualify and how to get in touch to enquire about a refund.

Touch Screen Kiosk Features

When you purchase an interactive touch screen kiosk for visitor sign-in processes from InVentry, the main elements of the kiosk include:


What are the Benefits of Installing a Touchscreen Kiosk?

Installing and using a visitor sign-in kiosk offers several benefits. Firstly, it enhances efficiency by streamlining the check-in process, reducing wait times for both visitors and staff. This improved efficiency contributes to a smoother flow of visitors entering your premises.

Secondly, interactive touchscreen kiosk systems ensure greater accuracy compared to manual data entry methods. By minimising errors, these systems maintain precise records of visitor arrivals and departures, enhancing overall record-keeping and organisational efficiency.

Additionally, visitor sign-in kiosks enhance security measures. By requiring visitors to provide identification and relevant information before gaining access, these front desk sign-in kiosks contribute to a more secure environment. This helps organisations to better control access to their premises and mitigate potential security risks.

The implementation of a sign-in kiosk can assist organisations in complying with regulatory requirements. By maintaining detailed visitor logs and records, these systems facilitate regulatory compliance and auditing processes.

Furthermore, the presence of a modern visitor sign-in kiosk reflects professionalism and provides a seamless visitor experience. It demonstrates that your organisation values efficiency and convenience for its visitors.

Our visitor sign-in kiosks are fully customisable* to match your branding and the specific needs of your organisation. This customisation option* ensures that the kiosk aligns with the overall aesthetics and operational requirements of the organisation.

Quickly run real-time reports and monitor on-site behaviour to ensure everyone is safe and their presence recorded. This is vital in the event of an emergency or evacuation.

Our visitor sign-in kiosks act as an extension of your staff and aid in the smooth processing of visitor sign-ins by sending real-time notifications to pre-assigned members of staff, thus minimising waiting times for your visitors.

*Additional costs may apply


Kiosk FAQS

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What Our Customers Say…

“Our premises have become safer and more secure as a result of the InVentry and Paxton integration, I can’t recommend the system enough.”

Loreto College

“Having a system in place that communicates with our Paxton system as well as enabling staff and visitors to sign in by simply tapping is priceless.”

Engine House Bexley

“InVentry has revolutionized the way we run our Stage Door operations and helped us to be more professional to our guests, staff and visitors.”

Grand Theatre Blackpool

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InVentry’s visitor sign-in kiosks help you create a streamlined, professional entrance. Request a brochure, or book your free demo today and find out how you can benefit from installing one of our electric kiosks.

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