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Managing visitors in your school or business can now be a seamless and speedy process with our market-leading visitor management system. Visitors are presented with an intuitive screen that significantly speeds up the signing-in process. They can even self-service their way through to printing an ID badge that can be worn around your site through InVentry’s visitor management system.

Visitor information is stored directly in the visitor management system and allows you to track who is on your site, accurately manage your visitor management and record everyone entering or leaving your site, in case of an emergency. It provides site access in a way that safeguards those who are in your company or school and removes the need for paper-based visitor books.


Visitor Management Software FAQ’s

A good visitor management system is a key consideration for today’s organisations. InVentry is proud to offer a comprehensive visitor management system for the modern workplace. It’s perfect for meeting the needs of your school, business or other work environments. Learn more about our custom visitor management software below.

Our customisable visitor management system is a seamless, straightforward way to control who visits your workplace. Its flexibility allows you to permit or deny visitors based on the unique demands of your workplace. A school, for example, will have different concerns to a manufacturing facility. However, both of these benefits from knowing exactly who’s on-site at a given time.

Modern-day sign in systems use a significant digital component; for visitors, this might be a tablet that visitors interact with. The visitor management system helps to streamline the process and protect visitor privacy (by concealing contact details from other people, for instance). It works with a central database of information that logs who’s visiting you, as well as when your visitors arrived or leave.

A visitor management system is often used by multiple groups of people, including your own employees, temporary contractors, job candidates and anyone else who needs to show up in person. But it doesn’t have to be a static system; it’s something you have some influence over, swapping out features and aesthetics depending on your own needs through our custom visitor management software.

A visitor management system ensures that your workplace is safe for everybody in it. This idea applies to employees and visitors alike. If your business has health concerns, the visitor management system can stop an infectious person from coming onsite. Conversely, our visitor management system can send a visitor a health declaration to let you know that they’re healthy enough to visit. The visitor management system can even tell you if too many people are on-site at once.

If you have safeguarding concerns (in a school, for example) you can make sure everyone’s DBS status is valid. Moreover, if you need to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, the visitor management system ensures you have an accurate record of numbers. This means you aren’t searching for people who aren’t there or overlooking people who need evacuating.

Outside of safety concerns, a modern visitor management system helps your business look and feel more professional. It helps you greet visitors promptly, and with the appropriate context beforehand. You can even create events that visitors can be pre-booked into for ease of access (like parents’ evening or company workshops). These are all things that an organisation can greatly benefit from.

Our visitor management system uses several key features in tandem. Visitors interact with a touchscreen-based system that’s very quick and easy for them to use. It’s designed to be used with as little outside help as possible. Our visitor management system can even remember visitors, making multiple visits from people smoother.

We know that organisations like visitors to clearly ID themselves when moving around the premises. That’s why our visitor management software allows people to print their own ID badges that they can wear around their necks. An integrated webcam also allows you to take a relevant picture then and there, to ensure that an ID is authentic.

To ensure a smoother visit you can have visitors agree to certain terms and conditions (like evacuation procedures) during the signing in process. This helps your staff to greet visitors in good time, and enhance safety in your organisation more broadly. The aforementioned Health Declaration can speed things up if you’re worried about visitor waiting times.

Want to know what people thought of your signing in process and overall visit? You can request feedback from visitors thanks to our Feedback Module. This is very easy to fill out, but it also allows for written comments. You can then use this information to make improvements, and track changes in detail if needed.

Finally, when people sign in to your system we store the relevant information in a central location. This allows for a safe, totally accurate record of visitor movements, regardless of where you are or what you do.

It’s difficult for us to offer a set price because every organisation has a unique set of requirements for their visitor management system. As such, there’s no one-size-fits-all product that we can offer. We recommend speaking to us directly to discuss your requirements. This ensures an accurate cost for your organisation’s custom visitor management software.

We can set up an InVentry visitor management system for you, and help troubleshoot any problems after the fact. To get more details on what we can do for you, visit our Contact page to get in touch.

Have a change of heart? Not a problem! We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for customers who no longer love our system. Find out more here.

Just like the 10,000 organisations currently using InVentry, we know you’ll love the system as much as we do! We’re extremely passionate about the technology we create, and we want this to reflect in the software we provide you, but we understand that you may have a change of heart. Which is why we’re proud to introduce our new 30-day money-back guarantee*.

Our confidence in the InVentry sign-in system, along with our commitment to our customers, means that if our system doesn’t meet your expectations, you could be eligible for a full refund. Check out our T&Cs to see our promise, if you qualify and how to get in touch to enquire about a refund.

Visitor Management System Features

Gatehouse feature on InVentry console

Secure your Site with Gatehouse

This new feature is perfect for large sites that have gates and barriers between the site perimeter and their main reception.

It enables security staff to check a visitor’s eligibility and mark them as arrived within the InVentry console straight from your organisation’s gatehouse.

Visitors’ hosts will be notified of their arrival and they’ll also be automatically added onto the InVentry Anywhere App, meaning evacuation lists are live and up to date.

This feature not only allows large sites to accurately monitor when visitors have arrived at various entrances but will ensure a particular hard-to-manage site in an evacuation will be easier than ever!


What Our Customers Say…

“The InVentry system was a massive step forward for us and enabled us to get 300+ people into the election count in under 20 minutes, where previously it had taken over twice as long to achieve.”

Calderdale-LogoIan Gledhill – Calderdale Council

“Visitors to the school are impressed by the quality and professionalism of the ID badges and staff know instantly whether the visitor has been CRB checked. We don’t know how we managed before.”

dalton-school-junior-infant-and-nursery-huddersfield logoDalton School Junior, Infant & Nursery

“Visitor can now come on-site and our staff have full clarity of who has arrived and who they are here to see. It is made the whole process easier and safer for everyone here!”

oakfield communityOakfield Community

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