Managing visitors in your school or business can now be a seamless and speedy process with our market-leading visitor management system. Visitors are presented with an intuitive screen that significantly speeds up the signing in process. They can even self-service their way through to printing an ID badge that can be worn around your site.

Visitor information is stored directly in the system and allows you to accurately track who is on your site, accurately recording everyone entering or leaving your site, in case of an emergency. It provides site access in a way that safeguards those who are in your company or school, and removes the need for paper-based visitor books.


Visitor Management ID Badge

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Visitor Management Features

What Our Customers Say…

“The InVentry system was a massive step forward for us and enabled us to get 300+ people into the election count in under 20 minutes, where previously it had taken over twice as long to achieve.”

Ian Gledhill – Calderdale Council

“Visitors to the school are impressed by the quality and professionalism of the ID badges and staff know instantly whether the visitor has been CRB checked. We don’t know how we managed before.”

Dalton School Junior, Infant & Nursery

“The system has vastly improved our security as people now want to sign in, there already seems to be an unofficial competition between regular visitors for who can take the daftest photo! ”

Andrew Dungate – Sutton & East Surrey Water PLC