Visitor, Staff and Student Sign In

Visitor Management What Is it?

“Its recording and collection of visitor data, either manually or through automation, for the purpose of knowing who is in the facility, who they are visiting and how long they spent there.”

Designed with and for educational establishments, InVentry comes with a fully-equipped MIS compatible touch screen that allows you to quickly and accurately monitor who is in your school at any one time, with everything securely encrypted back to a central database.

InVentry speeds up the signing in process, keeps identity information secure, and leaves you feeling confident that your students are safe.

visitor management

Customised by Design

The standard InVentry solution includes everything you need for a comprehensive student, staff and visitor management solution.

Despite that, every organisation has different needs and requirements. We’ve provided signing in solutions into education for more than five years, and in that time, we’ve worked closely with our customers to develop custom modules to ensure a truly personal experience for every type of education establishment.

The Benefits of Visitor Management

Quality and precise monitoring of all your visitors allows you to ensure the safety of your people and or property, this will help you identify any unauthorised people on your premises quickly.

Our system is a solution that gives you the ability to track the whereabouts of people within a specific building or site. It also records people entering or leaving a building. This allows you to better manage events such as fire alarms and emergencies.

The number one solution for safeguarding your students and your school

The quickest solution for practically managing large volumes of students and staff

The easy way to have instant visibility of where students are at anytime

Feature Rich

InVentry is the most forward thinking and cutting edge sign in software available.

Our expertise in site access and safeguarding management solutions allows us to provide unique features that fulfil any customer requirements. Our focus on people, partnership and collaboration is what powers our success. We work with our customers and partners to make sure our technology continues to meet their evolving needs.

Swipe Options

MIS Integration

InVentry Anywhere

Kiosk Solutions

Fire Evacuation

20" Touchscreen with Integrated Webcam

What Our Customers Say…

"We have been really delighted with InVentry. Without a doubt, it has made a significant contribution to our safeguarding procedures."
- Rawstorne C of E Academy

"Very efficient and professional service. We're thrilled."
- St Andrews C of E Primary School

"I have no hesitation in recommending InVentry: the service has been excellent and has added to the professional image of our school."
- Congleton High School

"InVentry has revolutionised our safeguarding in school."
- St Monica Infant School

"The InVentry visitor entry system has paid dividends in terms of safeguarding; Ofsted inspectors love it."
- St John Fisher Catholic High School

"All of our service users are very impressed with the new software. We are very pleased with InVentry."
- Pike Fold Primary School

"The InVentry system allows us to quickly see which visitors and DBS checked staff are on site; keeping our evacuation records up to date as health and safety is always top priority"
- The Liverpool Joint Catholic and Church of England Academies Trust

"InVentry has been an incredible success in our school."
- Dosthill Primary School

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