Ensuring the Safety and Security of Your Site

At the point a visitor or contractor arrives on your site there are a lot of checks and processes that need to be followed before they can fully enter your site. The InVentry visitor management and the sign-in system allows you to manage all this from one simple to use system.

Not only does it create the right first impressions by having a modern and stylish greeting to your reception area, it enables you to walk your visitors through the signing in experience bit by bit and complete all the necessary checks before they enter you site.

General Manufacturing


Improve GDPR compliance with visitors and contractors information stored correctly in InVentry.

Manage Staff

Allow staff to sign in with a personalised ID badge. Use alongside our QuickScan Touch to capture reasons for signing out.

Manage Visitors

Enable contactless sign in for pre-booked visitors by utilising our new invitations for pre-booked visitors, which include a QR code for easy sign in.


Send contractors documentation before their visit to site to ensure you have all checks done before coming into the building.


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Health Features

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced new Health Features to aid the return to work. Take a look at the features below to see how they can help you General Manufacturing business.

Send staff and pre-booked visitors Health Declarations the day they are due on site to ensure they are well enough to be in the building.

Allow visitors to notify their host when they arrive outside and give staff members the ability to confirm when it is safe for them to enter.

Get notified when your pre-set capacity levels have been met, breached and back to acceptable.

Ability to Test and Trace

Know who is onsite at any given time and have the ability to Test & Trace with our Health Declaration feature.

How InVentry Helps Manufacturing Businesses

Create the right first impression for visitors and contractors by providing a modern and professional greeting to your reception area.

All visitors and contractors
are provided with a clearly identifiable ID badge that can easily be customised.
Completely remove the need for paper-based visitor and contractor books that can easily lead to GDPR issues
Create custom questions within the system to complete onsite inductions and gather extra visitor information.
Get contractors and visitors to agree with site regulations such as T&C’s and health
and safety policies.
For large manufacturing companies, staff can use the same ID to sign in and out across multiple sites

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