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Paxton & InVentry

Let's talk about: InVentry's integration with Paxton! Here at InVentry, we integrate with many of the top solutions to make sure you have the best possible system for your school or business. One of these integrations is with Paxton Door Access Control. But what does this actually mean? Why InVentry and Paxton? When [...]

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InVentry Insights: Annie Croisdale

Scheduling Support; Annie Croisdale When did you start at InVentry? I started at InVentry way back in October 2017! I bet it seems like 2 minutes ago! What do you like about InVentry? The people and the atmosphere really make the company what it is. You can walk into the office and know [...]

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InVentry Insights: Steve Mills

Senior Account Manager; Steve Mills When did you start at InVentry? I started way back in February 2014. The past 7 years have flown by! You're part of the furniture now! What do you like about InVentry? The staff and the culture really makes the company what it is. I also love a [...]

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What’s new with InVentry?

What's new with InVentry? We thought we’d give you a lowdown on what’s been happening at InVentry! We’ve launched lots of new features and little add ons and want to make sure you’re all clued up! With schools being closed until the 8th March and most businesses working from home, these features will [...]

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InVentry Community

Joining the InVentry Community Forum How do I get involved? Joining the community is easy! Simply use your InVentry login to get started. Join in on the conversations that are already happening, post your own questions and talk to other InVentry users just like you! What are the perks? There's lots of new [...]

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Feel Good February

The importance of Mental Health Even though February is the shortest month of the year, we can find ourselves in a bit of a rut. The nights are only just starting to get a bit lighter; the weather is cold, and we just keep dreaming of Spring and Summer. During lockdown especially, every [...]

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