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What’s new with InVentry?

What's new with InVentry? We thought we’d give you a lowdown on what’s been happening at InVentry! We’ve launched lots of new features and little add ons and want to make sure you’re all clued up! With schools being closed until the 8th March and most businesses working from home, these features will [...]

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InVentry Community

Joining the InVentry Community Forum How do I get involved? Joining the community is easy! Simply use your InVentry login to get started. Join in on the conversations that are already happening, post your own questions and talk to other InVentry users just like you! What are the perks? There's lots of new [...]

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Feel Good February

The importance of Mental Health Even though February is the shortest month of the year, we can find ourselves in a bit of a rut. The nights are only just starting to get a bit lighter; the weather is cold, and we just keep dreaming of Spring and Summer. During lockdown especially, every [...]

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Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Workplace Over the last year, UK businesses have had to cope with shifting guidelines on who can go into work. While a mass vaccine rollout may offer a way out of lockdown the way we work and live has seen big changes, many of which will survive long after the pandemic [...]

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InVentry Insights: Amy Driver

Facilities & Fleet Support; Amy Driver When did you start at InVentry? I started in December last year, just celebrated my 1 year work anniversary! Congratulations! What do you like about InVentry? The people. It’s not just a company, everyone gets on so well! Even during the lockdowns while people have been working [...]

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InVentry Insights: Tom Broadhead

Meet our Internal Sales Lead; Tom Broadhead When did you start at InVentry? I'm a little bit of a newbie, I started September 2019 but it feels like I've been here forever! We love having you here Tom! What do you like about InVentry? I’ve worked at some pretty cool tech companies over [...]

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An InVentry Christmas; Ellis Hanks

It’s the fourth and final instalment of An InVentry Christmas and this time we’re talking to Ellis Hanks, our Account Manager based down South! On the lead up to Christmas, there is nothing better than going into London, walking down Oxford Street and seeing all the Christmas lights [...]

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An InVentry Christmas; Kendra Larter

Ready for the third instalment of An InVentry Christmas? This time we’re talking to our New Business Advisor, Kendra Larter and resident Disney Princess (did you know she buys a Disney ornament for the tree every year?!)... I love Christmas, it’s all about spending time with family and [...]

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