Office Sign in System for Visitors and Staff Management Solutions 

Create a Modern and Stylish Introduction to your office for staff, visitors and contractors.

Custom skin for your office
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Versatile and accurate visitor management system for offices

InVentry is the market leader for the visitor management system for offices. Installed in over 8,000 organisations across the UK and globally, with varied clients from agencies to data centres and we are truly pioneers of visitor management.

Offices often have to deal with the likes of fire evacuations, visitors signing in and out as well as staff management. InVentry can take care of all those for you. With a sleek and modern look, our office visitor management system is built to create the right first impression in your reception area for clients and customers coming on site. With a stylish touchscreen and webcam designed specifically for office visitor management, your staff & guests won’t be disappointed!

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Office Visitor Management

The InVentry office visitor management system gives you the power to manage visitors, staff, and contractors and is fully customisable to give every visitor a great first impression of your organisation. Enable contactless sign in for pre-booked visitors by utilising our new invitations, which include a QR code for easy sign in. 

InVentry Sign In System Graphics

Staff Signing In System

Allow staff to sign in with a personalised ID badge. Use alongside our QuickScan & offer sign out reasons. Allow staff to book themselves into the office when offering a hybrid approach to working to allow save capacity levels.


InVentry creates a memorable office experience

An electronic office sign in system makes it a memorable experience for when potential customers or contractors arrive on your site.


With a stylish touchscreen and webcam designed specifically for visitor management, your guests won’t be disappointed


Pre-book visitors, provide a custom message on arrival and send out personalised email invitations.


InVentry allows you to customise the office sign in system to fit your brand and ethos.


ID badges can be personalised to reflect your brand and custom information added
like your WiFi code.


When a visitor arrives onsite automatically send a message via SMS or email to the person they are visiting.

Meet Some of Our Existing Office Customers…


A couple of examples of what our office customers say about InVentry.
For even more, visit our testimonials page.

Office Sign In Solutions

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