InVentry Anywhere App

Trigger evacuations and send alert notifications

Once an evacuation has been declared, all users with the app downloaded will be prompted with a notification where they are able to mark themselves, and visitors, as safe. This is also particularly useful for schools as teachers are able to mark pupils as safe within the app when doing a roll call.

Sign in and out based on-site location

You can sign in and out via the Anywhere App by simply clicking the ‘sign into site’ button on the home screen. As long as you are registered with a site number, it’s as easy as that! You can also sign in remotely with our new remote worker feature.

Easily see which staff members are signed in

Seeing who is signed into your site is available at just a touch of a button. By clicking on the signed-in staff tab, you can see which staff members are on-site and at work on that day. Along with our Remote Worker Sign In feature, you can see which staff members are working remotely that day too.

Pre-book visitors easily from your device

You can now pre-book a visitor from the Anywhere App. Simply click the Pre-Book a Visitor tab and enter the details you need, and you’re done! When your pre-booked visitor arrives on-site, you will receive a notification on the app to let you know they have arrived.


We’ve created some short animations to show you how the InVentry Anywhere App can help your organisation.
Check them out below!


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“Works great and Simple to use. I am working from home so tried to sign in. Said i was outside the sign-in area! So thats good so no going back the building to rescue people who are working from home!”

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“We use this at our office and as a fire warden it makes life so much easier. Taking out boards and registers was always pointless and inconsistent but this app is linked to our sign in system and is completely accurate. Fortunately we’ve never had a real evacuation but if we do I am sure a quick and organised roll call will be very important to those dealing with fire safety.”

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“We use the InVentry Anywhere App in our Secondary School for each of it’s purposes. The fire evacuation is great & reliable, especially because it works off of 3G/4G and not WiFi! The Trip Management is really useful too, as now we don’t have to carry around a plastic wallet with loads of documents in.”

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