Just Released: Visitor Health Declaration

Remember our Health Declaration feature for staff members? We’ve now introduced Health Declarations for visitors. This makes it easier to ensure that anyone feeling unwell cannot enter your workplace.

We all want to make sure that our safety is the top priority when returning to work. This feature is really useful to help become a safe working environment. Visitor Health Declarations makes sure that you can invite people to your site, without the risk of any illness entering the workplace.

So, how does it work?

InVentry Features

Pre-booked: Send pre-booked visitors a Health Declaration on the day they’re meant to be arriving on site. This declaration requires your visitor to confirm they are not feeling unwell.

Deny Access:  If you have a Paxton integration, you can remove access from your visitor’s invitation, meaning they cannot use their invitation to access the site.

Health Contact:  Automatically send responses to your Internal Health Contact when a declaration is declined. This allows for Track and Trace to take place if your visitor has previously entered the building.

Visitor Health Declarations
Visitor Health Declarations

Customisable:  Visitor Health Declarations are easily customisable, this is great for personalisation. As well as the original Declaration, you can also customise the message when it is confirmed or declined.

Onsite declaration:  If you haven’t pre-booked a visitor, you can also set up to have the Health Declaration appear on your InVentry screen.

Visitor Health Declarations are available to all customers who have an InVentry Anywhere license. Get in touch with us today to find out more information; 0113 235 9233 or info@inventry.co.uk.