Scheduling Support; Annie Croisdale

When did you start at InVentry?

I started at InVentry way back in October 2017!

I bet it seems like 2 minutes ago! What do you like about InVentry?

The people and the atmosphere really make the company what it is. You can walk into the office and know that you’re going to see someone that will bring a smile to your face. Whether they’re asking what you fancy for lunch or what you got up to this weekend, conversation flows and everyone just gets along great!

We feel the same! What does day to day look like in your role?

I book out slots for engineers to go to installations and site visits for our customers. As well as this, I send documents to our new & existing customers ensuring everything is ready for installation/site visit days. Sometimes I have to book out the urgent requests from Support and Customer Care where a customer may need an urgent site visit. It’s busy day to day but it is never the same!

We keep you busy, Annie! What was your first ever job role?

My first ever job role was working in the kitchen at a Cricket Club!

Very nice! Describe the team at InVentry in 3 words.

Friendly, Hardworking and Committed.

How lovely! What is your karaoke song?

You will not catch me on karaoke haha!

We might have to twist your arm on that one! What is your go-to work lunch?

My go-to is usually a Chicken Wrap – a lunchtime staple! Unless the office are getting in a Nando’s, then I can’t say no!

Sounds good! What do you do in your free time?

I love walking my dog Ruby, we love a long weekend walk!

Dog walks are the best! Tell us one fact people might not know about you

I actually have over 90 pairs of trainers!