InVentry are the market leaders for visitor management across the UK & beyond…

When purchasing a new system for any school or business, knowing exactly what your buying is essential. Cost is a big factor to take into consideration and here at InVentry we know that. Which is why we pride ourselves on giving the right price for our system. But what exactly are you paying for? We aren’t just your simple run of the mill visitor management system, there’s so much more to it…

The basics

You know how it goes, our bread and butter is our Sign In Solutions! Every customer gets our 20″ touchscreen which allows you to keep track of staff, visitors, contractors and pupils on-site. InVentry prints visitors a easily recongnisable badge to wear while they’re on-site, giving you full clarity of who they are and who they are there to see.

InVentry allows you to easily log into the back end and see who has signed in, where they’re working and what visitors they may have coming to see them. But as we said, that’s not all InVentry can do!

InVentry Screen 01 600x490

InVentry Health Features

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was essential for visitor management companies to develop ways to keep their customers sites safe and secure. InVenrty is no exception. We created many new brilliant features which are a great addition to our system, during a pandemic or not!

Anywhere App

The InVentry Anywhere App is one of the best features we have. Simply put, it is InVentry in the palm of your hands! But what can it actually do?

  • Control Fire Evacuations & registers on any smart device
  • Utilise the Trip Management feature – paper based registers for field trips are a thing of the past
  • See who is signed into site at any time
  • Allow staff to sign in on their phone – optimum for contactless sign in
  • Send visitors a pre-booked visitor invitation all from your smart device
  • See student dietary and allergy information in one simple click

Want to see it in action?

Anywhere App on Mobile


We integrate with most of the top MIS’. This means, you get a full read and write back system which pulls all data you need from your MIS. InVentry records any late arriving or early leaving pupils and writes that information back to your MIS. Whether you need to know parent/guardian information or when a students doctors appointment is, InVentry gives you all this information along with your MIS.

Want to know more about our integrations?

pupil SIMS integration