Collection of Anonymous System Metrics Data

InVentry Limited collects non-personal, system configuration and analytical data to allow for future developments to the software along with providing insights and metrics to help you improve how you use your InVentry system within your organisation. The data collected includes, but is not limited to that listed below:

  • Account ID
  • Last Login Date
  • Item Count
  • Anywhere username (see note below)
  • Anywhere password (see note below)
  • MIS used (If appropriate)
  • MIS In use
  • Date/time staff were last updated from the MIS
  • Date/time the last mark was updated from the MIS
  • Date/time the last pupil was updated from the MIS
  • Hardware type identifier
  • Computer description on the unit
  • All hard drives on the unit and space left on them
  • Number of languages in use
  • Organisation prefix
  • System backup
  • When the database last backed up
  • What the database backup state was (success/ fail)
  • Whether there was an exception on last database backup
  • Database size information
  • GPS co-ordinates of the unit according to Windows
  • Operating system identifiers (name / platform / version)
  • When updates occur, a confirmation check is done on the local InVentry file structure and reported back to InVentry
  • Last time machine was rebooted (to ensure the reboot task is working successfully)
  • Database encryption version / SQL server version
  • Net Framework supported on the unit
  • Number of sign-in and outs over a period of time
  • Functional system status

Note – Anywhere username and password

The username and password listed above does not relate in any way to an individual but to the system itself. It is used to facilitate authorisation for updates via the exchange of tokens between the update service and the system. It does not allow an individual to gain access to the system.  If you have any further questions, please email