What’s new with InVentry?

We thought we’d give you a lowdown on what’s been happening at InVentry! We’ve launched lots of new features and little add ons and want to make sure you’re all clued up!

With schools being closed until the 8th March and most businesses working from home, these features will be of great use when we can return to our workplaces. Take a look at what’s new!

Email Address Collection

Our InVentry systems now ask visitors for their email address upon signing in. This means that you can send all vital information to all visitors upon their arrival.

Welcome Email 01 1

Welcome Email

Send your visitors an email as soon as they sign in to ensure they have all relevant documents! This could include internal policies and formal documents; such as your evacuation reports and procedures and even a site map!

Health Features

As you will have seen, we’ve developed many new health features during the pandemic. Each of these features help customers to ensure capacity numbers are in-line with the latest government guidance, enables 2m social distancing within reception areas and sends daily declarations to staff and visitors around COVID symptoms.

If you want to find out more about how InVentry can help you, get in touch on info@inventry.co.uk or 0113 322 9253.