The Rising Popularity of International Schools and how to Effectively Safeguard them

International Schools are growing at an accelerated rate, with over 13,000 English-medium international schools around the world enrolling an impressive 5.8 million students and over 500,000 teaching staff.

And the popularity of international schools is not slowing down, with over 300 schools estimated to open in the near future. But where is this popularity coming from? Dr Fiona Rogers, deputy CEO and director of professional development and research at the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) notes that they’ve seen a “real flight to quality” with parents favouring sending their children to a school which has always prioritised students’ well-being along with a quality education.

In fact, according to an ISC Research White paper report, “schoolwide pastoral care and wellbeing focus is a significant factor that differentiates international schools from other schools in the Middle East” and parents are “recognising that top British international schools in particular have delivered exceptional opportunities and support for students.”

International schools have a great standard for safeguarding practices, with COBIS Compliance Standards stating that an associated school should place “a high priority on the safeguarding of students and staff”. According to Mike Glanville, Director of Safeguarding Services for The Safeguarding Company the management of safeguarding and wellbeing in schools is best tackled by record-keeping, identifying trends and technology.   

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With InVentry, you can deliver practical and effective reporting solutions on staff, students and visitors. Our pupil management module allows you to track the comings and goings of all your pupils and has been designed around keeping every child safe and secure to give you complete peace of mind over pupil whereabouts. With features such as group tracking and trip management, your international school can have the ability for simultaneous sign in and out of pupil groups as well as the ability to record parent/guardian information.

As Mike Glanville argues, for any schools continuing to use paper records, “data management can be very challenging, if not impossible, given the quantity and complexity of safeguarding data that most schools now need to manage” and with this a digital system which has the ability to create timelines, note incidents and produce reports helps to provide in-depth analysis and ensure users follow a pre-determined workflow which embeds best practice approaches.

Packed full of features, InVentry gives your international school the ability to pre-book visitors for school events, manage all ICPC checks in one location, and can even sign in late staff members and students.

The popularity of international schools is growing at an accelerated rate, so now’s the time to ensure that they continue to uphold the best safeguarding practices and an efficient sign in, and visitor management system needs to be in place in order to do so.

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