Successfully Secure your Venue with InVentry 

There’s no question that having a reputable security team in place during an event is a must. Not only to protect the wellbeing of attendees, but to care for any staff members or contractors on site as well. However, no matter how skilled and qualified your security team may be, the underlying issue of visitor management and identification still remains.

On event and non-event days, there’s many visitors coming and going on a daily basis and your reception and security team need to know exact numbers in order to properly safeguard your venue. Clear visitor identification ensures that your security team have the reassurance that everyone present onsite is authorised to be there and all can be accounted for in the event of an emergency evacuation.

With InVentry, you can easily identify who is onsite on both event and non-event days with our sign in and visitor management system. Contractors can be pre-approved before they arrive to your venue, and you can even ask them custom questions to give you peace of mind that they know how to carry out the job safely and efficiently. Further options are also available to include documents upon sign in, such as fire evacuation procedures, health and safety T&C’s and more! You can even provide them with instant contractor ID badges that can be worn around your venue for easy identification; include a photo for added security and colour-code badges to distinguish between contractors and visitors.

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How to Protect your Venue’s Visitors

As many visitors are known to come and go from venues on a daily basis, our visitor management system allows for a speedy sign in process with data safely stored directly within the software. Visitors can self-service their way through to printing a colour-coded ID badge that can be worn around your site or you can have the option to send an invitation with a QR code to scan upon their arrival for any pre-booked visitors.

As security is of the highest priority at venues, with InVentry’s system and features, you can have the ability to easily track who is on-site at any given time, trigger wide-scale evacuations with the touch of a button and easily see who’s present and who’s unaccounted for in an emergency situation, all while knowing your staff’s, visitor’s and contractor’s information is securely stored.

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