Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Over the last year, UK businesses have had to cope with shifting guidelines on who can go into work. While a mass vaccine rollout may offer a way out of lockdown the way we work and live has seen big changes, many of which will survive long after the pandemic itself. Office Day—InVentry’s new feature in addition to their electronic sign in system—is just one of the ways InVentry is responding to this new working landscape.

We want to show all the ways we’ve helped customers work towards safer working are here to stay. We’ll also show how InVentry services—including Office Day—help you adapt to a changing business environment.

Is COVID-19 still a threat?

Yes, but there are steps being taken to reduce this. The UK has approved several COVID-19 vaccines for use by the general public; at the time of writing this we have three vaccines, with many others still in development.

However, current government guidelines mandate that all UK citizens stay home as much as possible. People can only go to work when they are a key worker, and those who can work from home should be doing so. People who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 should only leave home for truly essential reasons like medical appointments, exercise and essential shopping.

Even though the vaccine is being rolled out at a rapid rate, it will take quite some time for everyone to be fully vaccinated. As the BBC has reported, reasons include the sheer number of people in need of vaccination, storage requirements for the vaccine itself, and checks during the vaccine manufacturing process. Furthermore, the UK’s most vulnerable citizens—such as frontline health workers and the elderly—are being prioritised for the vaccine; much of the UK’s workforce won’t receive the vaccine for at least a few months.

It’s also important to understand that even with a vaccine, COVID-19 may be a health concern for the foreseeable future. According to the government’s recovery strategy, COVID-19 is likely to circulate within the UK population for some time. This suggests that there is a risk of future epidemics—albeit on a smaller scale—both within the UK and abroad.

What does this mean for businesses?

UK businesses must retain a detailed plan for safe workplaces. While remote working remains a popular choice for employees, physical premises (and therefore people on-site) will remain essential for many businesses. As such, they need to be able to respond quickly to any future virus outbreaks, deploying common-senseOffice Day on iPhone measures like social distancing, workplace hygiene and capacity management at short notice.

InVentry’s raft of features can help you put such a plan together. One of the best ways to maintain a safe environment is to reduce staff numbers to the essentials—something that government advice reflects.

Our new Office Day feature, used alongside our existing electronic sign in system, allows employees to pre-book site access. By offering a hybrid approach to those who come into work you can improve productivity, aid flexible working and better conform to current health guidelines.

Office Day is a new feature of our Anywhere App, and works well alongside the other health features we’ve introduced. Having your employees sign health declarations and learn about capacity guidelines—for example—helps to keep your office COVID-safe, both now and in the future.

Can I see Office Day in action?

Absolutely! If you’d like to register your interest in Office Day, head on over to our Contact Us page. You can reach us through several channels, including email and phone (as well as live chat). You can also discuss any of our other products and services at the same time if you’d like more information.