Making September SIMS…ple

It’s here again – the mad September rush when the new school year kicks into full swing. To help make sure InVentry is running smoothly, here are some the most common problems and perceived faults that we hear from our customers. Hopefully one of these quick wins will save you a load of stress at what is an already extremely busy time.

SIMS updates

The most common request we get from schools is regarding the updating of SIMS and ensuring that the most up-to-date information is in InVentry. A lot of the time what schools don’t realise is that without an update from SIMS it won’t work.

The SIMS client on InVentry will need to be updated in the same way as any other PC in your school. Please ask your IT team to update SIMS on your InVentry unit as they would any other PC. If you need any support doing this, then please contact our Support Team.

Black photos

If the camera and images on the printed visitor badges are showing as a black box, check that the shutter for the webcam of the unit is open. The shutter is located on the top of the screen and should be seated to the left.  If you have one of our new Gen 4 units you won’t need to perform this check as the camera does not have a shutter.

Badge printer

If the badges are not printing when a visitor signs in please perform the following:

  • Check that the printer is powered on and showing a green light.
  • Check that both cables are inserted fully into the back of the printer.
  • Check that the label roll is not empty.
  • Try a new label roll as the old one may be faulty.
  • Check that the label says Brother on the back as non-genuine ones can cause issues.

Password reset

Should you need to reset your password for the InVentry console, please go to the following website and follow the instructions.