Let’s Talk about our New Hardware

As you know, we’re passionate about the technology we create and how this impacts the schools and businesses we work with. Which is why we’ve recently given our screens a little makeover to ensure improved site security, enhanced accessibility, and swifter installations! Check out the new features below.

Enhanced Accessibility

As InVentry is committed to being an inclusive brand, we wanted to make sure that our screens are easily accessible to all, which is why our screens now have a new dual camera feature. This additional camera, located at the bottom of the screen, means that all end users have access to our system’s features and user experience is greatly improved. When signing in, a user simply needs to choose which camera they would like to use – depending on their preferred angle – and continue signing into the site.

InVentry Hospital Brochure

Improved Security

Our custom designed screens now include built-in-flash for all photos taken on your InVentry system. This guarantees improved imagery of your visitors and contractors and the ability to illuminate any particular darker areas within your reception. This new addition adds an extra safeguarding element to your organisation and conjugated with our colour-coded ID badges ensures that your site has never been more secure!

Hardware Protection and Swifter Installations

Our engineer access panel means that the installation of your new InVentry hardware runs smoothly and more swiftly than ever before! We frequently receive amazing feedback from our customers, but this new feature ensures we’ll have even more time to show you your new system and answer any additional questions you may have.

To shield your recently installed screen from any damage after installation, we’ve launched new protective rubber bumpers! As many organisations have large amounts of staff, visitors and contractors using the system on a daily basis, our bumpers will help to shield your screen from damage.

Our new hardware is available to all new customers and system refreshes for any existing customers, so now that you have a great reason to upgrade – get in touch today!

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