Let’s Talk About: Our Eco-friendly Label Rolls

To effectively drive positive change within our business, becoming a more sustainable brand has become an essential priority for InVentry.

It’s why we’re passionate about recycling materials, we encourage our carshare scheme to our staff, ensure we reduce our energy consumption within the office, and so much more!

But we were shocked to discover the amount of plastic that goes into ID badges. Every year, thousands of single use plastic packaging and label roll cartridges find their way into land fill across the country. As the leading manufacturer of visitor management products across the UK, we quickly decided on our next (sustainable) step – eco-friendly label rolls!

The Environmental Impact of our Label Rolls

Our new label rolls are still manufactured from quality materials, so you will still be able to clearly identify a visitor on site via their ID badge, but there’s now a significant focus of reducing waste. This means that they do not contain any single-use plastic packing or parts, and the packaging is fully recyclable.

What’s more, our re-usable roll frames, combined with our space-saving packaging design, halves the amount of space required during transit – reducing our shipment emissions!

To order your new sustainable label rolls, click on the cart icon on your InVentry console.

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