Let’s Talk About: InVentry Central!

Whether your school is part of a multi-academy trust (MATS), or your business has multiple sites across the UK, InVentry Central has you covered! Check out it’s features below, including our top tips on how to utilise our software.

1. It’s Extremely Flexible

InVentry Central has been developed with flexibility in mind. Staff members and even contractors can roam easily between multiple sites. This means that for those employees who spend a lot of time travelling to your organisation’s multiple sites, gaining access, and signing in and out has never been easier!

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Top Tip: For even more flexibility, consider a Paxton integration so your employees can gain access to their base site with just a single swipe of their staff ID card! Our Quickscan Touch units also integrate with Paxton, allowing for an even quicker and easier sign in at multiple entrance points across your site!

2. Easily Safeguard your Site

Personnel files are instantly pulled down from the InVentry Cloud when an employee is based at one site signs into another site, meaning they’ll automatically be logged as a staff member rather than a visitor upon sign in. DBS central records are also shared via the Cloud, so contractors for your organisation can be easily approved site-wide!

Top Tip: For an extra Safeguarding element, easily identify staff members from a multi-site organisation or MATS with colour coded lanyards and ID badges! Staff members can wear a different colour in order to help distinguish which staff members are based at what site. This means that they’ll no longer be any question of identity of fellow employees based at another site.

3. Customise Each Individual System

Each site’s InVentry Central system can be personalised with different configurations, modules, and integrations in order to suit your individual site’s needs. You even have the option to customise each site’s sign-in process with different information including, health and safety documents, T&C’s and evacuation details.

Top Tip: Need to send documents out before visitors arrive on site? Use your site’s individual InVentry system to do so! Whether you’re planning a controlled fire evacuation drill and need a visitor to be aware of your evacuation procedure beforehand or perhaps you require a contractor to fill out a questionnaire to ensure they’re suitable to carry out the task in hand, we’ve got you covered!

4. Improve Efficiency with our Timekeeping Tools

With InVentry Central, you can have the ability to view the sign in and out information from a multi-site perspective for staff members and contractors; ideal for tracking staff time keeping. For those employees who forget to sign out occasionally, they’ll automatically be signed out from the individual system when they sign into a different location, meaning you can clearly identify occurrences like this on your reports.

Top Tip: For invoicing ease for external work carried out around your organisation’s sites why not track the timekeeping of your contractors? With many workers charging per hour worked, you’ll easily be able to identify how long a contractor was on site carrying out their work.

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