InVentry’s Dedication to Helping your Organisation Overcome the Latest COVID-19 Restrictions 

It’s been a challenging 24 months to say the least. Over the past two years people have had to adjust to an unforeseeable world as the Covid pandemic took hold. We’ve been locked down, faced school closures, office closures and sadly lost jobs and loved ones.

The InVentry team felt we needed to help in any way we could and in doing so, contribute to a safer world. Which is why, in early 2020 we began to develop our COVID-19 features to help prevent further school closures, enable workers to return to work safely and help organisations become more COVID secure.

But like many others, we didn’t imagine we’d be heading into 2022 slowly reverting back to restrictions. With over 80,000 daily COVID cases, the UK Government reintroduced the use of mandatory face masks in all public spaces, excluding hospitality venues and urged the public to work from home once again, if possible.

With Omicron spreading at an accelerated pace, we want to highlight our COVID-19 features in order to help your organisation become a safer environment.

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How InVentry can Help your Business During the Current Covid-19 Restrictions

With InVentry’s Anywhere App, your staff can have the ability to sign in remotely, so your coworkers are aware that although you’re working from home, you’re logged in and available. Once you’ve finished your working day, just simply sign out of the app and you’re good to go put your feet up!

If you’re used to flexible working, once restrictions are eased you can go easily transition back with our latest enhancement of this feature; Remote Worker GPS Location. This will allow you to see the location where an employee has signed in and out. This can be used to log visit duration for engineers, care staff and so much more!

The app and your console will display who is working in the office, who is remote working and who is signed in at another site, which means that your fire evacuation records are always up to date.

Ensure your School Reopens Safely in January with an InVentry Sign in System

Although schools are now shut for the Christmas period, with COVID cases rising again, it’s imperative that we ensure schools remain a safe environment once they’re reopened in January.

With InVentry’s visitor management and sign in system, designed specifically for the education sector, contact measures can still be carried out effectively. With the InVentry Events module, you can also pre-book visitors for school events, such as parents evening with ease. Why not utilise our contactless sign in, with an option to send pre-booked visitors an invitation, including a QR code for ease of sign in? With the use of our InVentry Anywhere App, you can also access complete registers and manage large-scale evacuations, ensuring maximum safety at all times.

Handy Health Features

In response to the pandemic, we developed a range of new features to ensure your school remained Covid secure:

  • Capacity Management – Set your own maximum capacity and receive notifications when you’re either at full capacity or have breached your limit.
  • Health Declarations – Conveniently send COVID-19 related health declarations to staff and visitors and have the ability to deny entry to those who declare they have symptoms.
  • Host Ready Notifications – Manage the amount of people waiting in reception by only allowing visitors to enter once it is safe to do so.
  • Test and Trace – Easily trace visitors who may have come into contact with those who declare they have COVID-19 symptoms and request that they self-isolate.

For more information on our COVID-19 features CLICK HERE or get in touch today to see how we can help improve the safety of your organisation.