Meet our Technical Lead; David Thaxter

When did you start at InVentry?

I started at InVentry in March of 2016. Seems like a lifetime ago now!

It does doesn’t it?! What is it you like about us?

InVentry is a company that can provide you with personal opportunity for growth. They are constantly improving their product and no two days are the same!

We do like to improve things around here! What does day to day look like in your role?

I’m part of the team that looks after the release of new products, any new features have to come through us! We also identify any problems with the store and make sure they are rectified. As well as this, we look after our Inventry Central product, where you can report across multiple schools in trusts or if customers have multiple businesses, they can use it for signing in to different sites!

I’m sure you’re super busy at the moment! Throwback now, what was your first ever job role?

I was a 1st line Apprentice, I’ve worked my way up to now being a Technical Lead here at InVentry which is something I’m really proud of!

Sounds great! How would you describe the team at InVentry in 3 words?

Driven, enthusiastic, hardworking.

We completely agree! What is your karaoke song?

As much as I’m an outgoing person, you won’t get me on the karaoke, I don’t sing.

I’m sure we can change that, David! What is your go-to work lunch?

There is a local Pie shop in Gildersome that produces the best tasty treats for lunch.

We might have to test that one out David! What do you do in your free time?

I am a very social person so you can normally find me out of the house socialising.

Now finally, tell us one fact people might not know about you.

Surprisingly, I used to ‘ride’ to work on an electric bike. I use the term ride very loosely as I kept falling off (don’t laugh!!)