Improving your Staff and Visitor Management Process is the Key to Increasing the Safety of Emergency Service Workers

As first responders are aware, information is crucial at the time of an emergency, and the more data you can provide, the more effective the outcome will be. Improving your staff and visitor management process within the emergency services sector is equally as important. With InVentry’s visitor management system for emergency services, you can improve how you handle data and in turn, improve the safety of your Emergency Service workers.

Offsite Safety

An Emergency Responder’s ability to quickly assess a critical situation and ensure that public safety is the predominant focus is remarkable. It’s why, in return, we understand that the well-being and safeguarding of your staff members off-site is a high priority.

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InVentry’s emergency services visitor management system allows your organisation to know which staff members are on or off-site instantly. For the ultimate flexibility, as many First Responders spend a lot of time working remotely at incidents, whether this is in a public place or a member of the public’s household, with our Remote Worker GPS feature you can ensure your staff members are securely tracked at all times.

Accessible through the Anywhere App, the software gives remote workers the ability to sign into your staff and visitor management system for emergency services from any location. Whilst always ensuring that you’re aware of their location; a perfect feature to reassure their safety while out on a call and extremely helpful in a situation where you may need to send out additional colleagues to the scene.

Onsite Security

As onsite security is just as important for both staff members and visitors, InVentry’s emergency services visitor management software gives you the ability to see what staff members are signed in onsite and which visitors have arrived. It also allows you to provide your visitors with a personalised badge, to help clearly identify them within your emergency services building.

Furthermore, you can collect, and store appropriate information needed in an evacuation, such as the number of people unaccounted for, trigger evacuations and send alert notifications. So, you can be reassured in knowing that your staff and visitors are safe, and their information is secure at all times in your emergency services visitor management system.

When a contractor arrives on your site there are lots of checks and processes that need to be followed before they can fully enter the building. The InVentry visitor management and sign-in system allow you to manage all of this from one easy-to-use system and you can even interrupt sign-in with important notices or ask custom questions on sign-out to get the feedback you want from your service users.

For added security, our Quickscan Touch units can be located at various different entrance points, meaning staff members can quickly and efficiently sign in via a single swipe of their ID card. With our door access integrations, our emergency services visitor management system can even ensure that your building is secure at all times, and access rights are delegated to those with authority.

For more information about our emergency services visitor management system contact us today or come and visit us at The Emergency Services Show, NEC Birmingham on Wednesday 21st September and Thursday 22nd September at Stand number I42!

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