How to Effectively Safeguard your Care Home

The vital work Care Homes carry out can be protected with a care home management system

Care homes are crucial for our society. Besides providing a safe setting for the elderly and enhancing their quality of life, studies show that they also improve life expectancy and mental health whilst also helping to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. So, it’s important to ensure care homes are a safe setting to help staff carry out the best possible care for their residents.

In 2020, care homes were thrust into the spotlight as healthcare workers continued to provide the best support possible for their residents despite exhaustion, personal risk of infection and fear of transmission. With long shifts, staff shortages and lack of PPE, residential homes began to be appreciated and the truly astonishing work care staff and leaders carry out daily began to be respected and celebrated.

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How the Care Leaders Network are Contributing

The astounding work they carry out, and the many benefits care homes have on their residents and their families is vital. This is why InVentry is a dedicated member of the Care Leaders Network (CLN). Launched in 2020 as a WhatsApp group to help care leaders connect with other sector pioneers, CLN has flourished in their short existence. Their recently launched website and APP allows professionals to connect, share and collaborate as they promote a catalyst for positive change through media, events, and supplier recommendations.

It’s why we’re devoted to #AcceleratingPositiveChange and are proud to supply members of the Care Leaders Network. Here at InVentry, we understand the importance of safeguarding in care homes for residents and staff members.

How InVentry can help to create effective safeguarding in care homes with our Visitor and Contractor Management System

As care homes, rest homes and hospice care facilities have many family members and friends visiting their loved ones daily, the InVentry visitor management system is the easiest way to track who’s entering and leaving your site.

Visitors to your care home are met with a simple signing-in process and their information is stored directly in the system. This not only allows you to track who is onsite at any given time, but it ensures an even faster sign-in process during repeat visits.

Ensuring contractors are properly checked before and when they arrive on your site is critical for health and safety as well as the security of your care home. With our visitor and contractor management system you can ensure that the contractors you have onsite have the skills and knowledge to do the job safely by asking custom questions before they sign in, with options to include documents they may need to read upon arrival. You can even provide them with instant contractor ID badges that can be worn around your site for easy identification, include a photo for added security and colour code the badges to distinguish between contractors and visitors!

Have the ability to send contractors a welcome email when they sign into your site, allowing you to attach health notifications and site procedures, ensuring your care home remains a safe place during the COVID-19 pandemic through a customised care home management system.

We can even help your Care Home Become CQC and Care Inspectorate Compliant!

Our care home management system’s software allows you to receive feedback from visitors and contractors who visit your care home, meaning you can ask your visitors for star-rated feedback as soon as they leave your site. You can then store this feedback within InVentry and note any actions taken to improve your processes and procedures for your mental health crisis house, therapeutic communities or long-term care hospitals.

InVentry is the market leader for safeguarding in care homes systems and to ensure care workers can continue to carry out the vital work they do, we’re dedicated to helping your organisation be as safe as possible.

For more information on how our care home visitor management system can help, get in touch today and our dedicated Care Sector Account Manager can show you how we can help to effectively safeguard your care home.

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