How Food Manufacturer Technology has Successfully helped the Food Manufacturing Industry

Over the past few years, food manufacturing software and technology have changed the food manufacturing industry massively. Through many different digital technologies, we’ve seen a substantial change in the production and distribution of food through applications, AI, data, and processing techniques, which help to efficiently improve the shelf life and safety of food for an ever-growing population.

With the demand of food rapidly increasing, it’s no surprise that the industry employs over 440,000 people nationwide and has a turnover of more than £105bn. With an estimate of an additional 140,000 new recruits needed by 2024 in order to keep up with the demand, it’s no wonder that the food manufacturing industry accounts for a substantial 20% of total UK manufacturing as the biggest manufacturing sector in the country.

Food manufacturer technology has important operational benefits for the food manufacturing industry and InVentry’s food manufacturing software is no different! With many food manufacturing companies having large amounts of employees, InVentry can help you accurately track staff working hours, improve health and safety on your site as well as having the ability to streamline your payroll processes!

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How InVentry can help your Food Manufacturing Business 

InVentry’s food manufacturing software allows your business to know which staff are on and off site in an instant. The visitor management system for factory locations has been designed with speed and flexibility in mind to meet staff needs and requirements.

Our food manufacturer technology’s quick search function enables you to be recognised after only a few characters of your name, or you can select your staff photo from the touchscreen.

Alternatively, ID cards can make the whole experience seamless. By integrating with your existing systems, a single swipe can have you signed in within seconds. You can also collect sign-in and out information to monitor working hours and understand time patterns.

When a visitor or contractor arrives on your site there are lots of checks and processes that need to be followed before they can fully enter the building. The InVentry visitor management and sign-in system allows you to manage all of this from one easy-to-use system.

Not only does it create the right first impression by adding a modern and stylish greeting to your reception area, but it also ensures the safety of your food manufacturing business. Including the option to send pre-booked contractors and visitors all the necessary forms to fill out before arriving on-site, such as our health declarations; perfect to distinguish those who have been ill recently and may pose a food contamination risk.

What about Multiple Sites? 

With many food manufacturing companies having multiple sites, InVentry Central has you covered! With Central, developed with the ultimate flexibility in mind, you can easily keep track of your employees, log timekeeping on multiple sites and ensure your organisation upholds outstanding GDPR and safeguarding procedures.

With impressive features, such as multi-site roaming with a swipe of a card, the ability to customise individual systems and share personnel files company-wide, InVentry Central can help your organisation become as safe and efficient as possible.

Here at InVentry, we have a great network of amazing staff and resellers who are dedicated to helping sectors and organisations find the right solution to fit your specific needs. We’re passionate about the food manufacturer technology we create and how we can help the businesses we work with; we can even help you achieve a BRC accreditation!

Learn more about our food manufacturer technology or get in touch today to understand how we can help your food manufacturing business.