How InVentry’s Safeguarding Software can help the NHS Continue to Safeguard the UK

On the 5th of July 2022, the National Health Service (NHS) celebrated an astonishing 74 years of service. As one of the very few publicly funded healthcare services in the world, the incredible work they carry out is vital for every single person living in the UK.

Since 1948, the heart of the NHS has been dedicated to ensuring that access to healthcare is equal for all and not dependent on anyone’s financial status, however, NHS personnel work tirelessly to go above and beyond this notion, in order to put their patients first by providing the best care possible.

Deemed as Heroes by the entire UK population, the dedicated workforce has saved millions of lives, so it’s imperative that we try to protect the organisation as best as we can to allow them to continue to carry out their amazing work. Here at InVentry, we have a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping the NHS continue to ensure that the principles and duties of safeguarding are applied in any way we can.

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For Safeguarding us for all of These Years, Allow InVentry to Safeguard you!

Hospitals have many family members and friends visiting their loved ones on a daily basis, which is why a hospital’s visitor management process needs to be perfected. Making sure you know who is on-site at any given time, must be a priority in order to safeguard your hospital, not only to maintain the safety of both staff and patients but to also record any incidents or concerns that may arise – and our visitor management system for hospitals is the perfect safeguard software for this job!

Visitors to your hospital are greeted with a straightforward sign-in process, that has the ability to store information directly, allowing for a quicker signing-in process during repeat visits. All while allowing agreement screens to appear upon sign-in, ensuring visitors adhere to staff kindness policies, fire evacuation policies, and more!

With InVentry’s visitor management system for hospitals, you can also ensure that any contractors entering your hospital, are thoroughly checked beforehand, therefore, increasing the security of your site. You will also have the ability to send all the relevant forms and induction links pre-arrival, with an option to allow for further custom questions to be completed upon sign-in.

Our safeguard software can even provide them with instant contractor ID badges that can be worn around your site for easy identification, include a photo for added security and colour code the badges to distinguish between contractors and visitors!

Maximise your Hospital’s Security with our Door Access Integrations 

Our door access integrations allow hospitals to create users in InVentry and synchronise them directly back to your Paxton system; allowing staff and visitors to sign in and open doors across multiple sites with just a single swipe on an ID card.

Allow for quick and easy staff sign-in from multiple entrance points with our Quickscan Touch units, ensuring the safety of those on site by allowing different door access rights and giving better flexibility at staff-only entrances in your healthcare setting such as birth centres, dialysis centres or radiography wards.

Whether you have a door access system already in place, or you’re looking for a combined solution, with other door access providers, such as Salto, TDSI and Almas Industries coming soon, here at InVentry, we have everything you need to enable you to thoroughly safeguard your hospital!

Learn more about our visitor management system for hospitals or get in touch today to understand how we can help your healthcare setting.

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