How ClubReg can work for your school/college

Ensuring the safety of pupils doesn’t just happen during core hours in schools, more often than not there will be a before school or after school club that is just as important.

When schools improve security via their regular sign-in system, before and after school clubs can be overlooked. With InVentry’s Club Reg system, you can integrate sign-ins from extracurricular activities to sign-ins that are during normal core hours.

So how can ClubReg help your school?

1. Easy set-up

Create custom groups and clubs which can be set up in minutes via your InVentry Console with student information taken straight away from your MIS.

  1. Self-Registration

Allow students to have that next level of independence by allowing them to sign themselves into clubs, creating more time for your staff to attend to other tasks.

3. Device compatibility

You can download the ClubReg app to any Android, Apple or Windows device. Whether that be a tablet, desktop or mobile.

  1. Evacuation

Access complete registers for groups in realtime across multiple devices when completing any type of evacuation.

5. Secure

All sign-in information is securely transferred over InVentry’s database so staff instantly know which children are still in school.

If you want a live demonstration of the ClubReg system, please get in touch with the team on 0113 322 9253 or email