Keeping your InVentry screen clean and safe when returning to the office

With the thought of going back to work lingering in many of our heads, we naturally want peace of mind knowing that provisions will be in place to maintain our safety. Here at InVentry, we’ve come up with some ideas on how you can keep your InVentry System clean and hygienic when returning to work..

ID cards and prebooking

1. Pre-book visitors

Utilise InVentry’s unique pre-booking feature. This allows you to send an invitation to a visitor or contractor coming on-site, whereby they get their own personal QR code to scan on the system upon arrival, reducing screen contact.

2. Use Staff ID Cards and Fobs

Here at InVentry we o­ffer various styles of scanning fobs and cards for sta­ to use when signing in. This means that rather than sta­ff having to physically touch the screen, they instead have a personal sta­ card / fob that they simply swipe to sign in. Our sta­ cards can be personalised too to include your logo and branding style.

3. Use your own Medical Gloves

If you have the need to wear medical gloves in your establishment, rest assured the InVentry Touchscreen allows you to do just that. The touchscreen will still work like it normally does.

4. Access Invitations

Offer contactless entry to your building through our new Access Invitations, integrated with Paxton. These invitations allow customers to pre-book visitors through the InVentry system as normal; however the new Access Invitation will include a link to open your site’s Paxton entrance door or barrier upon arrival. Simple, easy and contact free.

Keep your InVentry screen clean and hygienic

5. Keep your screen clean

Making sure you’re cleaning your InVentry system screen regularly will be a big help. You can use any sort of alcohol or ethanol based cleaning wipes or sprays on the screen, it doesn’t have to be a certain brand. Just keep it anti-bacced!

6. Use Hand sanitiser

Keep hand sanitiser next to your InVentry console and encourage people to use it when signing in or out. By doing this and cleaning regularly, you can easily minimise the risk within your workplace.

If you need any further information please don’t hesistate to get in touch with the team on 0113 235 9233 or