Know Who Is On Site: Ensuring Your Food Manufacturing Site Safety

Ensuring food manufacturing site security for your staff and visitors in your factory.

Ensuring the safety of your food manufacturing site is of paramount importance, not only for the well-being of your employees but also to safeguard the quality and integrity of your food products. One crucial aspect of site safety is knowing who is always on-site. Many things can be done to ensure you know who is on-site at all times, check them out below:

Visitor Management System: Install a food manufacturing visitor management system to monitor and control access to your facility. Using a system, such as InVentry’s visitor management system for food manufacturers,  includes pre-registration, check-in on-site, and check-out procedures for all visitors, contractors, and suppliers.

Identification Badges: Provide employees with ID badges or access cards that must be visibly worn at all times. This makes it easy to identify authorised personnel onsite.

Visitor Screening: Ensure that all visitors are thoroughly vetted before granting access to your facility with pre-access checks.

Real-time Monitoring: Utilise access control systems to monitor site activity in real time. This will provide immediate visibility into who is on-site and what their purpose of being on-site is.

Restricted Access Zones: Implement restricted access within your facility’s different areas. In areas where food processing or storage occurs, only allow employees with the necessary clearance into these areas.

Employee Training: Ensure that your staff are aware of the importance of reporting any suspicious activity or unfamiliar individuals on-site through regular training.

Emergency Response Plan: Develop an in-depth emergency response plan that includes protocols for evacuations or what to do in the case of security breaches.

Regular Audits and Inspections: Conduct regular site safety audits and security inspections to identify vulnerabilities that require action to rectify.

Visitor Logs and Records: Maintain detailed visitor logs and records, including the purpose of visits and duration of stay. 

Security Culture: Foster a security-conscious culture among your employees, where site safety and vigilance are everyone’s responsibility.

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How InVentry can help

Maintaining awareness of who is on-site is a vital aspect of food manufacturing site safety. By implementing a combination of access control systems, staff procedures, employee training, and proactive security measures, you can create a secure environment that ensures site safety for personnel and food products alike. Learn how InVentry can help you become BRC accredited as part of our services for food manufacturing businesses.

InVentry’s food manufacturing visitor management system can ensure that your factory or warehouse security is as strong as it can be. Contact our experts today to see how you can benefit from a visitor management system for food manufacturers.