Enhance Security Across Your Business with InVentry

Each day businesses welcome multiple visitors, contractors, and clients to site with the aim of delivering a professional and personalised welcome to their premises however this can often raise safety and security challenges that need to be accounted for.

Although there will always be risks associated with welcoming new visitors on to site, by having a sign in and visitor management system in place, you can put key mitigations in place to significantly reduce these security concerns – even before your guests arrive on site.

Increase On Site Traceability

Giving your staff members, visitors, and contractors the ability to sign into your building or premises is critical to the security of your site. By capturing this information, you can ensure you know who is on your site at any given time, which is fundamental especially for emergency evacuations. This also gives your organisation the ability to assess how many people are on site, who they are there to see along with their reason for being there. With InVentry, you can pull this data into a live report so you can access this information instantly.

Through our integrations with leading door access providers including Paxton and Salto, you can take onsite traceability one step further. By adding card readers like our Quickscan touch units to key entry points across your site, you can also enable your team to sign in at convenient locations whilst capturing this data. This activity can also trigger door releases from simply tapping an ID card, so you can control who has access to specific areas of your building including approved contractors – read more about this feature here.

Onsite Traceability

Contractor checks and Questionnaires

One of the most common challenges businesses face when it comes to onsite security is ensuring contractors have the correct skills for the task at hand, along with ensuring that they have read and understood your site requirements or policies.

With InVentry’s advanced contractor features, you can send customised questionnaires to your contractors before they are due to arrive on site to ensure they have the knowledge and certifications to safely complete the job. Staff members will then be notified when they have completed the form, giving you the ability to approve or deny them access to your building based on the answers submitted.

When arriving on site, you can ensure your contractors have read and accepted your site policies through InVentry, before being able to sign into your building for additional peace of mind that you are doing everything in your power to enhance safety and security across your site.