We’re Taking The Breathe Culture Pledge! 

Our team are at the core of our culture and we pride ourselves on putting our people first, which is why we’re committing to the Breathe Culture Pledge!

What is the Culture Pledge? 

This pledge shows our promise to put our team first, invest in the success and development of our people and continue our commitment to creating a collaborative and engaging culture across the business.

The team at InVentry are the key to our success which is why we dedicate our time to ensuring our team are supported and have the necessary resources to grow and achieve great things, both professionally and personally.

Creating a positive, inclusive, and collaborative environment for our employees is at the heart of our business and is fundamental to what we do so we’re making a promise to our team to continue our commitment to their success.

The InVentry Culture

We have always been committed to our employees and we know how vital company culture is for the success of the business but ultimately for the happiness of our employees. Throughout the year, we host feel good activities for our team both in the office and for those working remotely to ensure everyone takes the time to look after their wellbeing – from free gym sessions to breakfast on us!

However, our culture goes far beyond this, our foundations are built on 6 key values that each and every one of our team members radiate which has helped us build an engaging and supportive environment for our people to thrive in! – read our values here.

One of our key values that we believe is vital to our culture is encouraging our employees to be part of it. We ensure that our team are involved in the business every step of the way, from product suggestions right through to career progression. Everything we do is underpinned by an amazing team of talented, dedicated, and fun-loving people so we encourage all staff to take an active part in our community and ensure they have the platform to do so!

Charlotte Fastenbauer, People Support commented: “Here at InVentry, we’re not just a company, we’re a community. We are passionate about putting our people first and embedding a strong culture across the business, everything from our recruitment process to our staff social events demonstrates our Company Values. The core of the company is its people, and we can’t wait to embrace this pledge”

Here’s how our team describe the culture at InVentry: 

Hannah Corbitt

“Friendly, Insightful, Engaging” 
Hannah Corbitt, Marketing Executive 

Annie Crosidale

“Friendly, Hardworking, Committed’
Annie Crosidale, Schedular

Joe Donald - Internal Account Manager

“Engaging, Exciting, Enjoyable”
Joe Donald, Internal Account Manager

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