Be Efficient in your Return to the Office with InVentry

In light of the recent Government announcement that all those working from home can now return to the office, we thought we’d put together a handy little guide explaining how InVentry can help your workplace efficiently reopen!

Sign in and Visitor Management System

Now that restrictions are being lifted and staff members can return to the workplace; we’re finally going to be seeing a lot more faces around the office. With our Sign in and Visitor Management System you can easily track the amount of people coming and going from your organisation site.

Staff members can simply sign in via a single swipe of their staff ID card either on a Quickscan unit or an InVentry console and you can even add health declarations to their sign in process to ensure they haven’t been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms!

ISO 9001 Accreditation Logo

Our InVentry system has been designed with speed and efficiency in mind; visitors to your office are met with a simple signing in process and their information is stored directly in the system. This ensures an even faster signing in process during repeat visits, a great feature for those regular clients! This allows you to accurately track who’s on site in case of an emergency, while also providing site access in a way that safeguards those in your office, removing the need for paper-based visitor books.

Office Day

Although many offices are still embracing a hybrid work approach, organisations are still using outdated paper-based plans to figure out who’s working in the office and who’s working from home, leading to the time-consuming task of chasing employees for their office movements. This can lead to mistakes, duplication errors and unnecessary stress.

With InVentry’s Office Day, staff can pre-book themselves into the office on a 14-day period, allowing them to choose when they wish to come into the workplace and when they’re working remotely. If schedule conflicts occur last minute, such as childcare issues or cancelled meetings, employees can have the option to cancel their place at work and allow other staff members to book.

Organisations can even allow chosen employees access to the Admin View, where any changes can be made, and bookings can be overwritten if required. You can also link this to your own capacity limits enabling you to ensure all desks are fully booked without going over your limit and allowing for planned team meetings.

Anywhere App

With InVentry’s Anywhere App your staff can have the ability to sign in remotely, so your co-workers are aware that although you’re working from home, you’re logged on and available. Our latest enhancement of this feature; Remote Worker GPS Location, will allow you to see the remote location where an employee has signed in and out.

Seeing who is signed into your site is available at just a touch of a button! So, if you’re looking for a specific member of staff just click on the “signed-in staff” tab to see if they’re onsite or working from home!

With InVentry’s Software and Systems you’re able to see who’s working from home, who’s in the office and who’s off-site, meaning returning to the office has never been more efficient!

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