It’s our second installment of “An InVentry Christmas” and this time we’re talking to Marketing Assistant, Georgia Haysom. She’s usually out on the town or at a German Market having a stein so her Christmas is going to be a little different this year!

For me, Christmas is the best time of the year. The wooly knits, the hot chocolates and the rosy cheeks when you come in from outside. If I had it my way, it would be Christmas all year round!

Christmas is all about giving for me. I love the process of finding gifts you know your family and friends are going to absolutely love and seeing their face when they open it.

Wrapping presents is just the best. My Auntie actually taught me how to wrap the ‘perfect’ Christmas present one year. We laugh because she was a very process-driven lady and if anything didn’t go the way she wanted, she’d be mad! Her way of wrapping a present was:

  1. Make sure the present is facing the correct way to make sure they open it facing up (not sure how she knew how people were going to open their presents!)
  2. Cut the wrapping paper with a knife instead of scissors to get a nice crisp line
  3. Use matching ribbon and bows to the wrapping paper to make it look perfect

I mean, I don’t really stick to this much anymore, but it is one of my favourite memories of Christmas with her!

Christmas over past couple of years have been a little different to my old family traditions. Last year, I moved to a new house and had my first Christmas in my new house with my partner. This year it’s even more different because we have a little fur-baby Sunny to celebrate with (obviously she has a Christmas jumper and her own presents!)

Usually, Christmas Eve is spent in the pub with my friends – Mum’s never happy because I ‘ruin Christmas’ by being hungover! We always head over to the Christmas Markets in Leeds or Manchester on the run up to Christmas, it’s been very strange without a stein this year!

Lastly, I just can’t wait for Christmas dinner; I look forward to it all year! I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and enjoy the festivities in their own special way! 😊