It’s the fourth and final instalment of An InVentry Christmas and this time we’re talking to Ellis Hanks, our Account Manager based down South!

On the lead up to Christmas, there is nothing better than going into London, walking down Oxford Street and seeing all the Christmas lights on the cold winter nights. Whether I’m Christmas shopping or going out for some food, that’s when I know we’re really on the road to Christmas!

Christmas for me is all about spending time with my family. Usually, all of my cousins would come over from Italy to join in our celebrations, we’re going to miss them a lot this year due to the travel restrictions with COVID!

Board games are a massive part of Christmas. We all head round to my grandparent’s house and see all the family. By the end of the night we’re a few drinks in, playing Charades and making fools of ourselves!

Christmas Ellis 1 02

Every year, we take our little Cocker Spaniel, Senna, for a lovely Christmas walk – it’s a big tradition for us and he obviously loves it, he definitely makes us earn that Christmas Dinner!

Lastly, one thing I’ve really missed this year is going to the pub with my friends for a drink (or two)! The festivities in the pub really set you up for a Merry Christmas so I’m hoping we can have some sort of normality soon and get back to having a pint in hand!

I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Ellis 1 03
Christmas Ellis 1 04
Christmas Ellis 1 01