A round-up of Bett 2018 and all its Excel-lence!

The stands have been packed up, the sore heads are gone, and the feet have just about recovered; as someone once famously said, all good things must come to an end.

It was another successful year at Bett for InVentry – here is a word from our Director, Phil Brooke, on what he thought about this years show: “We had another brilliant time at Bett this year! It was particularly great to catch up with some of our customers old and new, introduce them to our new products and get their feedback on them.”

We had our very own data protection and GDPR expert on the stand to assist with answering GDPR related questions. One of the main topics of discussion was around putting data into the cloud, and if that means there was a loss of ownership of the data and so is a ‘non GDPR compliant’ way of storing data. Although there are regulations regarding the protection of the data within the cloud, such as firewalls, encryption etc; there is an argument that the input of data into the cloud is safer than keeping data on the premises and is completely GDPR compliant.

There was no shortage of new features and products on the stand as well, here’s what we had going on in case you missed it:

The changing education environment was highlighted at Bett this year and this was reflected in the interest of our new InVentry Central product. With MATs being increasingly more popular, there were a lot of delegates looking for answers to multi-site problems, and InVentry Central is perfect for roaming staff and contractors.

Stand 1 E1517476159740

The brand new InVentry app was also showcased on the stand. The mobile solution brings together all the great features of our existing apps and allows them to be accessed from one handy location. The app allows users to:

The InVentry party at The Pearson Room was a great night. Mini fish and chips, sliders, salmon blinis and a flowing bar amounted to an evening full of laughter and dubious dance moves.

InVentry Party E1517476190990

Every year just gets better and better at Bett (no pun intended). This year we spoke to more people, drank more coffees and did more steps than ever.