Paxton Integration 01

Paxton Integration

With our Paxton integration, at the same time as opening a secure door using a Door Access reader, you can automatically sign in to your InVentry system with just a single swipe. Our Quickscan Touch units also integrate with Paxton, allowing for quick and easy sign-in at multiple entrance points.

That’s not the only benefit of using Paxton and InVentry; you can also utilise contactless entry at your site through Access Invitations; an invitation sent to the visitor upon pre-booking that includes a secure link to open your site’s Paxton door or gate upon arrival.


Just like the 10,000 organisations currently using InVentry, we know you’ll love the system as much as we do! We’re extremely passionate about the technology we create, and we want this to reflect in the software we provide you, but we understand that you may have a change of heart. Which is why we’re proud to introduce our new 30-day money-back guarantee*.

Our confidence in the InVentry sign-in system, along with our commitment to our customers, means that if our system doesn’t meet your expectations, you could be eligible for a full refund. Check out our T&Cs to see our promise, if you qualify and how to get in touch to enquire about a refund.

Salto Integration

Our integration with Salto allows organisations to sychronise their door access users directly through InVentry. Meaning staff members can seamlessly sign in and have instant access to your site at the same time!

You can register door access tokens for contractors and regular visitors and for organisations with multiple buildings, our integration allows InVentry to record any users’ whereabouts, meaning your fire evacuation lists are live and constantly up to date!


Salto Scanner and ID Card
Almas Industries Door Access Scanner

Almas Industries

Our Almas Industries integration enables organisations to assign temporary door access rights to pre-booked contractors and visitors – allowing them to receive an email invitation which grants permission to access controlled areas. For further administrative benefits, temporary door access tokens will be disabled when your visitor or contractor signs out of InVentry or at the end of your working day, ensuring your site is secured at all times.

Staff members can open doors and sign in at the same time with a choice of biometrics or a Staff ID card – ensuring that your fire evacuation list is live and up to date, at all times.



Available for installation both internally and externally, Checkpoint allows instant access to Paxton and Almas controlled areas by simply scanning a QR code.

The perfect alternative to temporary access cards, organisations can allow staff­ and pre-approved visitors and contractors to sign into site, and trigger door releases across multiple entrance points at the same time. For added site security, used QR codes will automatically disable and a new one is refreshed every 10 seconds!


Checkpoint Device
Door Access Matrix

Which Door Access Integration is Right for you?

Need a door access integration but not sure which one is best for you? We’ve created a handy little guide so you can see all of the features for Paxton, Salto and Almas Industries in one place! Take a look below.

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What Our Customers Say…

“Our premises have become safer and more secure as a result of the InVentry and Paxton integration, I can’t recommend the system enough.”

Loreto College

“Having a system in place that communicates with our Paxton system as well as enabling staff and visitors to sign in by simply tapping is priceless.”

Engine House Bexley

“InVentry has revolutionized the way we run our Stage Door operations and helped us to be more professional to our guests, staff and visitors.”

Grand Theatre Blackpool

Want to know more about our Door Access Integrations?

InVentry integrates with the best door access providers on the market. Request a brochure, or book your free demo today and find out how you can benefit from our door access integration options.

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