Questionnaires App on Tablet

Impove Site Security with InVentry Questionnaires

InVentry understands that security within any business is always a high priority and you must know exactly who you are letting on-site. Which is why our Questionaires feature allows you to email contractors an online questionnaire to fill out before they arrive on-site. You have control over the questions and their order, alongside any conditional logic you’d like to apply and can decide whether or not they are allowed to visit based on their responses.

If they forget to fill it out prior to their arrival, our Questionnaires app enables contractors to complete their questionnaire upon arrival, all through your tablet device! The completed questionnaire syncs back to your InVentry system, allowing you to review and analyse as and when needed, whilst being fully customisable to your brand.


How does it work?

Improved security
Disallow personnel entry until all necessary checks have been completed through your InVentry questionnaire.

Review answers
Set a requirement for staff to review questionnaire answers before allowing personnel to enter the site.

Check management
Questionnaires can be linked to the check management module, whereby you can set questionnaires to expire after a certain period. For example, a contractor has to fill out a questionnaire again if 14 days have passed.

Nested questions
Customise certain questions to be asked based on the previous question in the chain.

Record keeping
All answers are stored within the InVentry system, enabling you to review and report on.

Questionnaires Module Features

Questionnaires App Features

With our app, organisations can enable contractors to fill out questionnaires on-site if they forget to complete their online version prior to arrival. Meaning your site remains secure at all times!