Just released: Access Invitations

When visitors visit your site it can be confusing which door they have to use or how they enter the building. With our new Access Invitations, combined with our existing Paxton integration, you can pre-book a visitor through the InVentry system and provide them with a link to open a specific entrance door or barrier upon their arrival.

This feature is especially useful for customers that have a car park barrier or entrance door attached to a Paxton system, as you’re now able to grant instant access to these visitors and not rely on reception staff to open the barrier and / or door upon arrival.  It’s all controlled within the InVentry console and you’re able to set custom time restrictions on each invitation, in-line with when the visitor is due to arrive and leave site.

We already provide a Paxton Integration License which includes:
  • Door Triggers – this is when a staff member swipes their card on an InVentry reader to sign-in or out and the linked Paxton door opens.
  • Door Listener – this allows staff members to sign in or out by swiping on a Paxton door.
  • Visitor Pass Assignment – this is where InVentry can assign a pass or fob, associated with Paxton, for a visitor which is enabled for the duration of their visit.
So, what does the new Access Invitation offer my business?
  • Pre-booked visitors will receive an Access Invitation that includes a secure link which opens your entrance doors and / or barriers when they first arrive on-site; freeing up your receptionist’s time as well as ensuring a slick and professional first impression!
  • You’re able to provide time restrictions on each invitation. Whether you have contractors on-site for multiple days or multiple hours, you’re able to give them access for the duration.
  • Our new invitations work with your existing Paxton Door Access System. This is the system that opens doors with the swipe of a card or in this case; an invitation!

Any customer who has InVentry Version 4 and a Paxton Door System can purchase this additional feature. We offer lots of support and guidance on this within our Support Portal’s dedicated Paxton Integration section. There’s webinars, guides and also scenario examples to help deepen your understanding of this new feature.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or purchasing this license, then get in touch with the team on 0113 322 9253 or email info@inventry.co.uk.