Feedback Module

Here at InVentry we’re always looking for new ways to improve our product and help our customers in day to day processes. Whether that be new ways to sign in or to help improve compliance, our solution isn’t just about monitoring sign in processes – it’s also about helping our customers to improve and remain compliant. We’ve developed a new Feedback Module which does just that for our customers!

This new module means that InVentry is able to send an email to your visitors regarding their recent time on-site; as soon as they sign out.

This will allow you to identify and work on improvements from a visitor point of view. Use facts instead of fiction! The module will also be great at enabling businesses to remain compliant with inspections – including CQC inspections for the care sector.

Feedback 01

So how does it work?

All questions sent to your visitors after their visit are star rated (1-5) with the option of a free text box to leave additional comments. This can be completed on their phone or PC ensuring they can submit their feedback quickly and easily. It’s designed in such a way that it’ll take minutes to complete!

From this feedback you can then report, analyse and make improvements. If you do make improvements led from this feedback, you’re able to make a note of everything changed so there is documentation around the changes made and why. You’re also able to send feedback through the InVentry system. Let’s say a visitor comments on service received from a particular department within your company, at just a hit of a button you’re able to send this to the department head.

Top Features

Include your company logo and brand colours

Customise emails to include any messaging you require

Provide additional written feedback support, if needed

Easy to view average star ratings for reporting

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