New and Improved, InVentry Anywhere App!

“The Anywhere App is great for checking on staff members during an emergency evac. The convenience of having the app on your phone allows you to know when there is a fire drill while also allowing us to have a method of meeting Health and Safety requirements.” – Angela Stewart, Facilities Manager, ASCL

We’ve made some great new changes to our Anywhere App to ensure improved user experience and accessibility with a brand-new interface. Check out the features below.


Have the ability to see which staff members are onsite with just a click of the button! Easily see which staff members are working onsite or remotely, removing the need to keep track manually, saving heaps on admin time. From your organisation’s car park to a second site location or from home, for the ultimate convenience, you can sign in whenever, wherever.


Pre-book visitors directly through your phone! Simply add their details and hit “Book Visitor” once you’re done, and the information will automatically sync with your InVentry system. This will even send a customisable email invitation with the time and place so your guest has all the information they need. Once your visitor is onsite, you’ll receive a notification via the app to tell you that they’ve arrived.

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Office Day

With Office Day, staff can pre-book themselves into the office on a 14-day period, allowing them to choose when they wish to come into the workplace and when they’re working remotely. If schedule conflicts occur last minute, employees can have the option to cancel their place at work and allow other staff members to book.

Organisations can grant chosen employees access to the Admin View, where any changes can be made, and bookings can be overwritten if required.


To ensure safety of your site, you can trigger evacuations and send alert notifications with a click of a button. Once an evacuation has been declared, all users with the app downloaded will be prompted with a notification where they are able to mark themselves, and visitors, as safe. With images of visitors easily accessible via the app, so you can clearly identify them.


Protecting students during school trips is extremely important. While schools often use some form of paper registration to track students while on a field trip, with the trip management feature available through the Anywhere App, teachers can now have the peace of mind that pupil information is securely stored at the palm of your hand! Take registers, directly pulled from your MIS, whilst also having pupil information, such as medical records and dietary requirements, securely stored on your device.