InVentry helps St Charles Catholic Primary School with their visitor and staff management

The Client

St Charles Catholic Primary School are a Primary School based in Liverpool that aims to inspire, nurture, and celebrate the unique talents of everyone they teach. As a Catholic school, religion is at the centre of many of their Aims and Objectives, ensuring their pupils are part of a loving school community.

The Challenge

The primary school needed a system that would cater for all their needs. From visitor management to staff management, they wanted something that would cover all bases. They needed a system that would allow staff to sign in and out, record late arriving and early leaving pupils as well as offering a reports solution; for both evacuations and visitors. With a recommendation of InVentry, they did not need to look any further!

The Solution

InVentry provided St Charles Catholic Primary School with a fully compliant visitor management system, giving them instant access to on-site visitors as well as late arriving and early leaving pupils.

When asked about InVentry and her experience of the system, Jacqueline Daly, Business Manager at St Charles Catholic Primary School commented, “InVentry’s been invaluable! Since its implementation, we have much fewer children arriving at school late. This is due to parents now having to come into the building to sign them in if they are late!”

Jacqueline also added “staff attendance and punctuality has also improved with the introduction of InVentry”. As well as monitoring punctuality, InVentry has in addition helped the school throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, through the use of InVentry’s daily health declarations. When asked about these declarations, Jacqueline commented, “having InVentry during the pandemic has been a real asset. We love using the Health Declarations, it reminds staff that they need to be looking out for symptoms and make sure they declare when they feel unwell. It has been a truly brilliant asset!”


InVentry has been a great time-saving tool for the school as well. It takes seconds for visitors to sign in and they can pull up reports within a couple of minutes to know who is on-site at any given time!

When asked what her favourite part of InVentry was, Jacqueline said, “I love the fact late-arriving pupils are recorded. I now no longer have to run around the school and double-check in classes to see if children have arrived late before calling home. I simply open InVentry and it does it all for me!” She went on to add, “if you’re considering a digital sign in system, then you must give InVentry a try. You will not be disappointed!”

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