Visitor and Contractor Management Solution for Inductions, Checks & Passes

Ensuring contractors are properly checked before and when they arrive on your site is critical for health and safety as well as the security of your business. This is particularly true of schools and other educational establishments, where safeguarding is of the utmost importance.

Typically there is a lot of paperwork associated with contractor management which can lead to delays in work being completed and inaccuracies of information. In the case of the education sector, all contractors must also possess an up-to-date DBS check.

With InVentry’s contractor and visitor management system you can minimise the risk of who is on-site by performing the necessary checks at the point of sign in as well as providing the required passes for access to your site. You can also manage the required checks beforehand through our checks management system.

By using our contractor management software you can quickly see basic information such as name and primary contact, as well as more complex information like permits to work and inductions. All checks in InVentry’s contractor sign-in software include an expiry date and primary contact, this means that, if a check does expire, the correct person will be notified and the contractor’s account will be automatically disabled.

Gatehouse feature on InVentry console

Secure your Site with Gatehouse

Perfect for large sites with multiple gated entrances; it allows site staff to mark visitors as arrived straight from your organisation’s gatehouse!

Gatekeepers can mark visitors as present via the InVentry console as soon as they arrive at the gate which will automatically send a notification email to the host informing them that their visitor has arrived.

They will then automatically appear on the InVentry Anywhere App as soon as they’ve been marked as arrived, meaning evacuation lists have never been so up to date!

Any unexpected visitors can also be quickly added onto InVentry and the person they’re visiting will be sent a notification email of their arrival.

This feature not only allows large sites to accurately monitor when visitors have arrived at various entrances but will ensure a particular hard-to-manage site in an evacuation will be easier than ever!

Visitor and Contractor Management System Features

What Our Customers Say…

“We have found the InVentry System has streamlined our access control providing clear photographic passes of all visitors to site.”

EDF EnergyMicki Speller – EDF Energy

“I can’t put into words how simple the system is to use and how dramatically it’s effected my workload. I now simply direct the contractor to the sign in screen and ask them to follow the instructions!”

Gartnavel logoSandra Duff - Gartnavel Hospital

“InVentry has brought Sika into the modern age, providing an innovative solution with an outstanding level of technical support.”

sikaSarah Grostate – Sika