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InVentry Improves the Anderton Centre’s GDPR Policy and their Safeguarding
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with an Accurate Sign In and Visitor Management System.

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Lancashire Outdoor Activities Initiative – Anderton Centre is a water-based and land-based outdoor learning and activities centre for school day trips and youth group residentials. The Centre is based in Rivington, described as Lancashire’s Mini Lake District, and has been providing their services for over 20-years. The Anderton Centre cater for all kinds of groups, from education to Duke of Edinburgh awards, all the way through to corporate team-building days.

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Anderton Centre was looking to improve their safeguarding provisions. With children from up and down the country coming to experience their outdoor activities, it was imperative that they were completely GDPR compliant. As part of the Lancashire Outdoor Activities initiative, they also wanted a system that could manage all of their conference visitors as well as providing a sign in system and time stamp for their staff.


The team at the Anderton Centre were looking for a way to reduce both excessive paperwork and the risk of human error impacting their records during their visitor sign in process. InVentry was able solve these concerns by providing the centre with a professional and secure sign in system to help improve their data management policies and remain GDPR compliant.

By having an electronic system within their reception area, the centre can now capture accurate sign in data for both staff members and visitors whilst securely storing this data within one centralised database. Subsequently, this has enabled the centre to pull live reports from their InVentry system to find out who is on site at any one time along with seeing what time their visitors and staff members arrived or departed the centre.

The InVentry Anywhere App was also a welcomed addition for the team at the Anderton Centre as it has allowed them to streamline their evacuation process and ensured that they have an efficient tracking system for guests across their site. This has meant that the Anderton centre can now welcome visitor with confidence knowing that they have the correct details on file for the visitors that can be accessed quickly in the event of an emergency.

With the Anderton Centre welcoming different groups of visitors including children to their site to take part in a range of activities, the centre required a sign in solution that would enable them to differentiate between pre-booked event delegates and unexpected arrivals through one system. Through InVentry’s event management features, they now have the ability to do just that! The Centre can now add specific events to their sign in system and pre-load their visitors details under each event or activity so when each visitor arrives on site, they can locate their group on the InVentry screen and sign in, in a matter of seconds.

David Germain, Executive Manager, commented:
“I saw an InVentry system at another location and was really impressed, I knew there and then we had to have it! InVentry not only looks professional, it helps with client first impressions as we now have a sleek system on show as soon as someone enters the building. This has been really useful as it allows us to remove timesheets, improve the efficiency of payroll and keep everything completely transparent.”
“The events management feature of InVentry has also been great as we use this to manage our corporate groups and pre-load participants. This saves so much time for us and helps maintain a quick and professional service. We in addition use InVentry to book in visitors so we now have instant access to on-site numbers and records which has been fantastic!”
“My experience with InVentry from the initial consultation, right through to installation, has been second to none! I really can’t recommend them enough. The initial demonstration was thorough too, all my questions were answered, and I was able to see the system live in action before making any decisions.”

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